AT Boston: Abodeon - Wonderful Eclectic in Porter Square

Location: Cambridge, MA

This is from our Boston finalist, Alyssa. Comment away!

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What do vintage Scandinavian dishware, recycled confetti, and Peter Fonda have in common? Not much but that doesn't prevent Dale and Terri Anderson, principals of Abodeon, from stocking their eclectic Porter Square boutique with many disparate, yet wonderful objects...

From mid-century furniture to contemporary pendant lamps to scarves weaved by blind folk artists, you can't pigeonhole the style of this 10 year-old establishment. Abodeon's only rule: The pieces must tell a story.

Abodeon sells new and vintage Scandinavian dishware from iittala to Dansk.

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You can find a variety of mid-century furnishings from a set of low-backed Italian dining chairs with woven seats to an authentic marble Knoll table with matching tulip chairs.

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Do you ever want to display a beautiful book but can't find an attractive solution? The Livroche book stand solves your dilemma and for $85 it makes an inexpensive stone sculpture.

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Recycled confetti bowls by Zak Designs will brighten the darkest New England day.

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These original 60s peace and unity pins were salvaged from a warehouse in Washington, DC. The peace pin is the same one worn by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider.

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Their website is up but under construction, so you'll have to shop the old fashioned way.


- Alyssa P.

(Thanks, Alyssa!)

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