Caldrea Cleaning Supplies

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The name is an elision of the founder's two daughters, Calla and Andrea.

We read about Monica Nassif starting Caldrea a few years ago and went right out to find her products. It's a good story. At first they were hard to find (not anymore), and we were surprised to discover that she really had something here: natural earth friendly cleaning products that smell like the best outdoor scents.

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This may seem too abstract when cleaning is the goal, but too many cleaners are made to smell slightly toxic, with harsh lemon or acidic fragrances, and it seems odd to us to put this out into the home after cooking a great dinner.

Caldrea uses natural fragrances that complement the natural cooking and activities of the home (like lavender, clover, mint) rather than cut against it. It seems simple, but it makes a big difference.

The lavender pine dish soap is a staple in our home. They also make laundry, baby, hand, floor and counter top cleaners as well as luxurious cleaning tools. Problems? $$$. Whatever Ms. Nassif is putting into her products must cost more, because they are expensive. A 16 oz bottle of dish soap costs $8.

On the other hand, it lasts a long time when diluted with water, which we always recommend.

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