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If you're a boy and have been slightly bored by the growing proliferation of Calypso stores, there is now reason to be happy. Calypso Home has arrived, bringing with it a totally funky, eclectic, colorful homestyle that you can really sink your teeth into. This store is fun.

Last week we got into the store with our camera and snapped pics of everything. Calypso Home is ground zero for decorative pillows, blankets and bedding, but they complete the picture with a highly edited selection furniture, lighting, tabletop and accessories. The inspiration is French - with a mix of world cultures seeping in.

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Problems? Not too many that we know of. The website is a bit confusing and doesn't really show Home at all. They used to have one store, but now they have three (midtown, downtown and the hamptons) and prices are aspirational, but not out of orbit. If anything, it could be frustrating that the collection changes frequently so you have to leap on it if you like it.

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As you check out the store also note the cool use of metal and big beam wood for beds and shelving. Designed for the store by the husband of one of the women in charge, the beds and the shelving are now for sale and can be customized to your home.

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