Drink Bottle Lights by Sarah Turner

Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Sarah Turner
  • Headquarters: Notttingham, UK

Sarah Turner is an award winning eco artist & designer making beautiful products from waste materials. <br><br> Specialising in making decorative lighting from waste plastic drinks bottles, she reincarnates this waste material into a new life. <br><br> All the bottles are collected locally from cafes and households. Each bottle is then cleaned and sandblasted to give the opaque look then hand cut and sculpted into decorative forms. The waste bottles are totally transformed and it’s almost impossible to tell what they originated from. <br><br> Discarded plastic is such a huge environmental problem and only a small amount of plastic drinks bottle are recycled in the UK. So these lights aim to do something creative with them and overall save a few bottles from the landfill sites. <br><br> Sarah’s designs prove that.... "just because a product is made from rubbish it doesn’t mean it needs to look like it does!"

While the Drink Bottle Lights aren't a completely new idea, this one actually looks really good. Thirty 500ml plastic Coke bottles were reused to make this lampshade and the inner base is made from recycled card. A few more versions available after the jump.

The Coca Cola 30 (named after the number of bottles used) is available as a pendant ceiling lampshade, a floor lamp or a table lamp.

  • Reused Materials: 30 Cola Bottles (500ml)
  • Recycled Materials: Recycled Card
  • Dimensions: 500x500mm approx.
  • Power: Max 20W Energy Saving Bulb

SarahTurner via Inhabitat.

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