Edling Oscarson: Scandinavian Style with a Twist

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  • Founded by: Jonas Elding and Johan Oscarson
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

ELDING OSCARSON is a recently started office run by Johan Oscarson and Jonas Elding. The collective experience is covering both Swedish and international architecture, from museums to private houses, interiors, furniture and product design.

We first discovered Stockholm architecture and design firm Elding Oscarson when we spotted their Oktavilla office in 2009 — a bright, white space with patterned walls made from none other than stacked magazines. Every one of their projects is grounded in classic Scandinavian style, but there's always a twist…

Founded by Jonas Elding and Johan Oscarson in 2007, the firm is relatively young, but they've already won awards and recognition from Wallpaper* Magazine, Contractworld, ECOLA, and the World Architecture Festival.

Jonas Elding worked at Pritzker Prize-winning firm SANAA in Tokyo before starting out on his own, while Johan Oscarson worked as an Associate at Sandellsandberg, Stockholm. Their new projects range from private residences to museums to offices.

While their interiors are usually all white with neutral floors, you'll always find a few brightly colored furnishings and a couple of unexpected architectural details, like a patterned metal catwalk or a mirrored wall. For more photos and information, check out their online portfolio.

Townhouse in Landskrona
No Picnic Office in Stockholm
Oktavilla Advertising Agency

Photos: Elding Oscarson