Elan Candies Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1985
  • Founded by: Maralyn
  • Headquarters: Grosse Point Woods, MI

Maralyn was given the recipe for the delicious pecan toffee by a friend. The friend moved to Florida and was unable to make the toffee in that climate. <br><br> Maralyn prepared the cherished recipe of perfectly roasted Georgian Pecans, smothered them in rich buttery toffee and gave them to friends as Christmas Gifts. Before long her friends were asking her to make extra batches that they could buy for gift giving as well. elan, candies by maralyn was born. <br><br> That was over twenty-five years ago. Due to popular demand, more space was needed. They moved out of Maralyn's kitchen to a storefront in Grosse Pointe Woods. Each batch of elan is still hand made and now hand dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.