Filmore Clark

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Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Lee Nicholson
  • Headquarters: West Hollywood, CA

Filmore Clark offers the best in American art tile. Filmore Clark Founder, Lee Nicholson, has been in the tile business for over 15 years. While working in a rich tile environment she began her love affair with handcrafted tiles. Over the years, Lee realized that the American art tile maker is one of the best in the world. This realization and her passion for artisan tile drove her to open her own showroom offering renowned collections such as Pratt Larson, Tempest Tileworks, Sonoma Tile, ModCraft and KJ Patterson. Filmore Clark hopes to bring a new life to the custom tile selection process. Keeping it local is the main focus of the showroom. By showcasing only domestically manufactured collections, Filmore Clark takes to heart the true meaning of a smaller footprint and being green.

Lee Nicholson is a woman committed to championing handcrafted, locally made tiles. With more than 15 years of tile experience under her belt she opened her own showroom, Filmore Clark, in West Hollywood earlier this year and carries only the best in American art tile and domestically manufactured collections.

Filmore Clark carries an incredible selection of artisan tiles including architectural concrete tiles from Portland Cement Company, Baldwin Park based KJ Patterson, the modern fare from Brooklyn Based ModCraft, earth friendly recycled tiles from ClayHaus and the awesome Moorish designs from Temecula based La Maison Collection.

But it's not just that they have a great selection of quality, built to last tiles, it's that Filmore Clark is also committed to the process. They work with clients to pick out the right tile for their home, with a focus on the long term. Just as they seek to champion local tile design in order to leave a smaller footprint on the environment, they also want the finishes in your home to be thoughtful, to bring beauty and to last. One of the lines of inlaid tile that they carry from California company KJ Patterson has the color baked right into the tile, not painted on top, in the same method that has been used in tiles for centuries and that allows the color to last and last despite being walked on or even worn down. It's this eye to the long term that sets FIlmore Clark apart.