Forever Redwood Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1995
  • Founded by: Raul Hernandez
  • Headquarters: Annapolis, CA

Forever Redwood furniture grew out of a non-profit organization called Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry. Old-Growth Again (OGA) came into being between a group of friends who loved the Redwood forest and wanted to take care of it. It began in 1995 with a 40 acre tract of land, building a little cabin, and learning the basics of restoration forestry practices. Soon it became a firewood business, more acreage, an extra truck, and a few employees. Then it expanded to include 580 acres, a nursery of young Redwood trees, and a rapidly-growing patio furniture business, which meant more employees. Some of our best workers hailed from Mexico, and as our operations increased, we decided to open a second workshop in Ensenada, Mexico (just two blocks from the beach). Our base of operations is still Sonoma County, California, where we continue to manage our forestland, mill and dry our own lumber, and make the best Redwood furniture money can buy.