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  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Animal-centric illustrations, prints and pillows
  • Price range: ($) Budget
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Store History

  • Founded by: Stacie Bloomfield
  • Headquarters: Fayetteville, Arkansas

In a story as cute as her artwork, Stacie Bloomfield met her smarty-pants husband when she was eleven, growing up in Springfield, Missouri. They got married when they were twenty and four years ago, moved to Arkansas to start a family and pursue their dreams; his – a PhD, hers – artist extraordinaire. Today, Stacie runs the #1-rated nursery décor shop on Etsy - Gingiber, blogs about her adventures in art and motherhood on and serves as the design editor for La Petite Magazine, a quarterly online children’s magazine.

Stacie Bloomfield is the creative force behind Gingiber, an Etsy shop that sells whimsical and witty home and nursery décor. A frequent doodler, Stacie's drawing feeds her creativity and often inspires her simple, vintage style designs. Her resulting animal illustrations are filled with a child-like nostalgia that appeals to kids and grown-ups alike.

A born artist, Stacie Bloomfield was hand-sewing clothes for her dolls when she was seven and drawing her own comic strips when she was nine. She's an illustrator, caffeinated crafter, and mother of two who has found a way to combine her life's passions into the #1 rated nursery décor shop on Etsy - Gingiber.

Stacie gives a lot of credit for her work to her husband, Nathan, whom she met when she was eleven, and whom, to this day, remains her biggest supporter. It's his belief in her and his willingness to step in and care for their 3 year old daughter Violet (while pursuing his PhD in mathmatics) that allows her to live the ultimate Etsy dream - a creative, fulfilling life.

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