Howard Kaplan Designs Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded by: Howard Kaplan
  • Headquarters: New York City

Howard was originally born in New York City’s lower east side, where his grandparents originally came after leaving Russia in 1912. Howard learned most of his early skills in metal work from his father. However, with a strong passion for travel, Howard ventured off to learn many of his other trades from around the world. This multi-cultural influence is not only reflected in much of his work today, but it gives a level of authenticity in every piece he creates. <br/><br/> Studying ceramics in Italy, Howard took in the colorful array of designs crafted by hand in the villages of Tuscany and Sicily. With his time in France he learned the trade of creating expertly detailed tassels. Spain brought Howard a new appreciation for the artistic extravagance of chandeliers. By taking his experiences and melding them into his own personal style, Howard has been able to bring some truly unique pieces to the world of interior design. <br/><br/> Over the last few decades Howard has made a name for himself in the U.S. market by bringing “French-inspired” pieces to the homes of countless Americans. While much of his work is found in the homes of the upper-crust, his designs have heavily influenced a much broader market.

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