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  • Founded by: Judy Ross

Judy Ross Textiles produces two collections each year and designs custom pieces for interior designers, architects, and major hotels around the world.

For a New Yorker, Judy Ross is an anomaly. She has a great eye for color and her textiles are soft and rich yet still understated. She has long been a favorite...

Based in Union Square, Judy's line now extends well beyond her fabulous pillows to rugs, bed covers and custom design projects. Her signature - in our eyes - is the way in which each piece is hand embroidered with a very dense, flat stitch. No printing here.

The designs are contemporary with pleasingly complex patterns and come in a myriad of colorways that allow them to rotate with seasons or fit into any style of home.

She sells directly, but you can find them in Calypso, ABC Home and Auto, to name but a few local shops.

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