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  • Founded: 2004
  • Founded by: Mary Klein & Shelly Klein
  • Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI

Shelly Klein has run k studio in its various forms for ten years working as a consultant for the contract furniture industry with a range of clients including Herman Miller. Also an accomplished painter, she uses overlapping imagery in both her paintings and textile work. The two mediums feed one another and create a dialog that our clients continue to find fresh and exciting. Mary Klein is a veteran of the contract furniture industry with extensive management and manufacturing background. She manages the nuts and bolts of the operation with skill and ease and is a collaborative partner in all design decisions. She also manages research and sourcing. The combination of their respective areas of expertise have resulted in a natural mother/ daughter collaboration exploring a shared interest in combining good design with sustainable materials, business acuity, and social responsibility.

The thing we really like about K Studio is the way they're able to personalize their products while sticking to a very unique, specific look. Let's say you want to buy a gift for a new parent. You can pick one of the "family series" pillows and have it embroidered with a mom, dad, baby—even the family pet. Or maybe you like the "Flowers" pillow, in which case you can choose from a few different fabrics.

Mother/daughter team Mary and Shelly Klein started their small company six years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with the idea to make a high-quality product that they would oversee through its whole production cycle, from the choice of organic cotton to the embroidery, packing, and shipping process.

As they've grown, they've continued to employ people at their studio who assemble, sew, and ship the products. It means that the prices are a little higher than you might find elsewhere, but you're paying for something that's been manufactured using quality green materials and skilled local labor.

Their products are available online or through lots of different retailers. In addition to pillows, they make tote bags, pouches, and wall art, as well as one-of-a-kind paintings.

1 Flowers Pillow, starting at $152
2 Figures, starting at $180
3 Pet Series Pillows, starting at $118
4 Family Series Pillow, starting at $152
5 Monogram Series Pillow, starting at $116

6 Conjoined Wall Art, $152
7 Heart on Sleeve Pillow, starting at $134
8 Oval Face Pillow, starting at $124
9 Crying Wall Art, starting at $152
10 Family Series Totes, starting at $48

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