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Store History

For over 20 years Lift & Stor beds has been crafting high quality storage beds, wall beds and custom office furniture and entertainment centers. All made in the USA. We also offer do it your self kits for storage beds and murphy beds. Lift & Stor has a large showroom in Apache Junction , AZ as well as a mobile showroom in Seattle Metro. Lift & Stor beds and kits are now available for purchase outside AZ and Seattle through our secure online store at

We picked this hot tip up in the Flou Bed thread. If you want a hydraulic lift storage bed and don't want to go the high class route, then this is for you.

Lift & Stor Beds makes a simple, strong platform bed KIT that lifts up for storage. The kit contains hardware, cut lists and all instructions. The kit only costs $160. This kit doesn't include the WOOD (obviously, but we just had to make it clear), but our tipper says "most Manhattan lumber shops will cut all the lumber based on dimensions you give them," which is true. Having the cut lists makes it easy.

In addition, working from a kit allows you to change dimensions. You can raise the height of the bed to fit more inside, add headboards and stain the wood to match your own decor. (Thanks, JWN!)