Linda Ferrol Studio Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded by: Linda Ferrol
  • Headquarters: Seattle

LF STUDIO is filled with goods sourced from around the world. Goods for your home & children and those you want to surprise, grandparents, friends, business relationships and others. <br/><br/> LF STUDIO is a mix of styles & designs: modern, authentic, timeless & contemporary. Goods to treasure & use everyday. <br/><br/> Linda Ferrol the owner of LF STUDIO always had 3 visions from an early age on. Children, move to the USA & have her own business by the time she is 40. All of the above has happened, for that she is grateful. <br/><br/> Growing up in Amsterdam by Polish/Suriname parents and grandparents the importance of buying only a few, quality & treasure were "rules" instilled by her Suriname Grandmother . Linda's Polish grandmother always made something out of nothing. <br/><br/> Her continued visions are travel, enjoying everyday life with family, dear friends and growing LF Studio by word of mouth.

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