Sorapot by Joey Roth: May NY Design Meetup

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Designer: Joey Roth
Products: Various

A young virtuoso with already one award to his name, Joey showed off a whole gaggle of designs, most of which are still on the boards. His teapot you all know, the others will arouse curiosity...

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- Sorapot

- "Sorapot is a modern teapot designed to brew heat-sensitive green and white teas. The stainless steel arch acts as a large heatsink that quickly dissipates the water�s heat as the tea steeps, preventing the bitterness that comes from oversteeping in too-hot water. The tea is poured at a comfortably warm drinking temperature after a few minutes of steeping."

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- Totemo

- "This is a silent computer case that uses heat pipes and large aluminum fins to passively dissipate computer heat to the surrounding air. Winner of the Red Dot in 2005."

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- Rolling Suitcase

- "Flying on a jet and landing anywhere in the world is truly amazing, but it's been reduced to the barest functionality in recent years. The
rolling suitcase is my attempt to bring a sense of play and glamor back to air travel. The wood bar serves as a carrying handle when closed. It unfolds, using simple 45-degree angles between bars and rotating joints, to allow the user to roll the suitcase. You can also find the video here."

(Originally published 2007-05-24 - MGR)

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- Mouse
- Felt and wood

- "The mouse is a bit of a reaction to the cartoonishly ergonomic designs that are the norm for mice. This simple shape is actually more
comfortable to work with because of the wool felt and laminated bamboo
construction. The button layout is based on the golden ratio. "

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