Natural Curiosities Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2004
  • Founded by: Christopher Wilcox
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Christopher left England and moved to America just over six years ago in his pursuit to influence the cultural backbone of America through art. He continually asks the question “What is art?” and in this quest, he has established an art house in the Hollywood Hills—a place where he can close the doors to all madness and open the windows to creativity within nature. <br/><br/> With a team of over 15 artists, gypsies and creative thinkers behind it, Natural Curiosities houses a collection of over 60,000 images, textiles, textures, grasses, plants, presses, pigments and anything else that provides a natural creative energy. With this repertoire of images and objects, we have the freedom to create without boundaries, reacting constantly to the shifts and changes of the seasons. <br/><br/> Christopher has now placed NC at the forefront of providing beautiful, large, impactful handmade art pieces to stores, designers, hotels, collectors and museums around the world. He currently runs production out of two creative studios in Los Angeles and will soon be opening a new facility mirroring that of the “Warhol Factory,” where every piece will be meticulously handmade in America and supported by the environmental vision that walks hand-in-hand with true art.