Organic Modernism

Organic Modernism

Marcia Prentice
Aug 26, 2011

I came across the Organic Modernism line of furniture while shopping at HD Buttercup. I was immediately drawn to their Ottawa Rocks! rocking chair. With a wood frame and thin cushion, at first it didn't seem like it would be comfortable. However, the rocker, along with their other chairs, is pretty comfortable and well designed.

Mori Bench

The line of furniture has a Danish feel, yet some of the designs are definitely more modern. The details of each piece, such as the brass legs on the Alma chair, makes each furniture piece special. I was pleasantly surprised to find the whole line of furniture to be reasonably priced. I have my eye on a few of their chairs.

What is your favorite Organic Modernism chair?

Images: Organic Modernism

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