Sears Appliance Outlet

Sears Appliance Outlet

Aug 15, 2006

The quest for an affordable appliance can always be a daunting one. Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to accompany a friend in their quest which lead to a random location in Santa Ana, the Sears Appliance Outlet. Sears, well known for their appliances, actually has several locations throughout Southern California (Santa Ana, Corona, and Ontario.) These outlet stores carry discontinued or slightly blemished appliances at reduced prices of 15%-50% off retail. They warehouse was filled with aisles and aisles of all types of appliances, some very new, and others in slightly worse condition. However, all the appliances come with the Sears guarantee.

My friend ended up purchasing a refrigerator that had a very slight scratch on the side. Since the refrigerator was going to be surrounded by cabinets, the sides would not be visible anyways, and it they saved $200. You definitely have to pick through, but it's definitely a great option, especially if price is your deciding factor.


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