Tern Bicycles Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Florence & Joshua Hon
  • Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — June 18, 2011 — A new bicycle company, Tern, officially launched today at an unveiling ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan. Bicycle industry media from around the world, as well as major bicycle parts suppliers and industry representatives were in attendance for the launch of the new company. Tern will focus on bicycles for urban transport. <br><br> “As residents of this planet, we face incredibly complex and challenging issues in urban transport,” stated Joshua Hon, Tern vice president. “Gasoline prices, shortages in resources, degradation of our environment, and increasingly dense urban populations are all issues we face today. It’ll take creativity, innovation, and a whole lot of sweat to turn things around and get them moving in a good direction. But we’re up for the challenge and the team couldn’t be more excited to show off the things we’ve developed.” <br><br> Tern represents a fresh look at transportation in an urban environment. Rather than trying to maximize speed, team Tern is focused on safety, comfort, convenience, and portability. Significantly, every Tern bicycle is highly portable, folding to integrate seamlessly with mass transit systems and crowded urban spaces. But beyond that, team Tern has focused its energies on building bikes that work great unfolded — with the philosophy that if it doesn’t ride well, it doesn’t matter how well it folds because no one will want to ride it.

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