10 Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces

10 Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces

Nancy Mitchell
Jul 7, 2014

No matter how tiny your apartment is, you still need someplace to sit. But you might have a little difficulty fitting a full-sized sofa in your 250 square foot space (not to mention the trouble you'll have getting it up the stairs). That's why we've created this roundup of smaller sofas — each is less than five feet wide — that are still big on style.

1. Plum & Bow Tufted Settee from Urban Outfitters, $1,150
2. Armless loveseat from Target, $585
3. Chicago-B sofa by Organic Modernism, $1,895
4. Mrs. Godfrey Settee from Jonathan Adler, $2,295
5. Orianna Settee from Anthropologie, $1,598

6. Suitor escargot loveseat from CB2, on sale for $799.99
7. Florence-A sofa by Organic Modernism, $1,595
8. James Harrison Settee from West Elm, on sale for $829.99
9. Murphy 59" sofa from Room & Board, $1,299
10. KNOPPARP loveseat from IKEA, $99

A sweet little sofa (59" wide) at an almost shockingly good price. The cushion covers can be removed and washed, and it's also available in a light grey.

I like the uniqueness of this design. Its price is hard to beat, and its compactness (49" wide) makes it perfect for even the smallest of spaces. Judging from the shape, probably better for perching than true lounging.

This one seems inviting enough, and still at a price that's within the range of most apartment dwellers. At 50", this sofa can fit into some pretty tight spots.

Starting at $579

It was almost inevitable that an IKEA product would appear in this roundup, and this one is a strong contender. At 60" wide, it just fits our criteria, and it looks comfortable (in an English country cottage kind of way) without being too slouchy. The STOCKSUND starts at $579, and is available in velvet for a slight upgrade.

Armless sofas aren't for everyone, but this 49" settee has a plushness that appeals, and comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns for those wishing to make a statement without spending a lot of money. (The white velvet looks especially nice, although it's maybe the best choice for those who have pets, or children, or who ever eat food.)

Starting at $599

This 56" sofa features a grown-up look at a quite accessible price (dependent, of course, on fabric selection).


The seams are a nice detail, and make this little 51" settee seem both refined and nonchalant.

Both cute and compact, this sofa is available in a huge variety of colors and fabrics.

The high back gives this 60" sofa a refined and unique feel: the plump seat cushion gives me hope that it might be comfortable, as well.

This petite 49.5" sofa is the slightly smaller sibling to my own, the Florence-B, and although I am admittedly quite biased, I find its appearance pleasing and its depth perfect, deep enough for lounging but not so deep that you fear being lost forever.


Here's a tiny sofa (only 50 inches) that doesn't sacrifice on design in any way. If you feel comfortable spending serious money on a small sofa, this is the sort of thing I could see surviving your small apartment and staying with you for years to come.

Searching for more budget options? Here are five more stylish sofas that are perfect for small spaces, all less than $500.

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