15 Timeless, Editor-Loved Sofas for Every Space and Style

updated Jan 20, 2024
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Studio apartment with microfiber sofa and small kitchen space.
Credit: Chinasa Cooper

The great thing about working at a place like Apartment Therapy is that our staffers always have valuable intel on where to get the best home goods. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking into a specific retailer, like Buffy or West Elm, or a furniture category, like bed frames — we’ve got all the shop-worthy recs. But because you can’t simply Slack our editors to ask their advice, we figured it would be helpful to compile their top picks in one place. As for today’s category, it’s a big one. We’re talking about sofas, of course! A little disclaimer: All of these living room faves fall under the modern style category, but they’re also all highly versatile and easy to pair with other furniture and decor. Consequently, if you’re after something from a top-quality brand that’s comfortable, durable, and will last a long time without becoming aesthetically obsolete, you’re in the right place. To get some inspo for your own living space or maybe even find your next sofa, just keep scrolling.

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Known for stylish, contemporary furniture, Kardiel is the brand behind commerce SEO editor Sarah's stunning bouclé Nordic sofa. In addition to its '70s-revival design, she quickly fell in love with the couch's supportive, medium-soft cushions. "I had finally found a sofa that looked great and felt even better — and I wouldn’t shut up about it," she wrote. "From friends to family, I’ve waxed poetic about this sofa to everyone I know." Whether you're a homebody or want a great spot for socializing, this is a solid choice.

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Small space dwellers should definitely have a look at Article's Sven sofa, whose buttery soft leather and '70s-inspired silhouette set it apart from others in its category. Danielle, AT's home director, recommends it to everyone, saying, "My Article Sven sofa is still going strong after three years of constant use — watching tv, snacking, and the occasional weekend nap or overnight guest. The cushions have maintained their loft, and the finish has started getting that patina that leather is known for, which makes it fit in better with the rest of my vintage furnishings." The couch is available in this beautiful caramel hue, as well as three other leather colors.

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Deputy lifestyle editor Maddie knew she liked Burrow's Range sectional after one look at a photo online, but seeing how it fit into her space sealed the deal. The sofa's changeable modular design gave her peace of mind, as it allows her to change the configuration any time she wants. "Eventually, I want to try reconfiguring it ... to make it into a super lounge-y loveseat," she wrote. "But most importantly, this bad boy can change shape to fit seamlessly into my next home, no matter the layout of the room." In other words, this simple but sophisticated sectional is a must for those who move frequently or like to experiment.

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Comprised of two conjoined modules that you can expand upon if you so choose, the Coconut sectional is highly customizable and comes strongly recommended by style editor Blair. "Folks, I’m not at all being hyperbolic when I tell you that Homebody’s design is one of the — if not the — coziest, never-want-to-get-up kind of couches I’ve experienced in my life thus far," she wrote. "I mean, you’re essentially lounging on a giant, luxurious, yet supportive pillow." And since publishing her glowing review, Blair added that her friend deemed the sofa even more comfortable than his own bed. How's that for customer-approved?

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Castlery's Owen chaise sectional is actually a favorite among two of our editors. "The thing I love most about the Owen is that it feels big," said senior commerce editor Ian. "However, it’s actually pretty compact for a sectional, and it doesn’t take up our entire living room.” He also praised its deep seat, padded armrests, and elevated, adjustable legs, which allow for plenty of storage space underneath. Shopping director Jada added, "If you’re looking for a couch that doubles as a daybed, this is it. You can detach the seats from the chaise lounger for a different layout should you want to rearrange your space or for an easier time when moving.”

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Raymour & Flanigan
was $1699.95

Although trendy DTC brands are definitely worth checking out during your search, trusted, legacy retailers like Raymour & Flanigan are just as worthy of your attention. That's where contributor Caroline found the sofa of her dreams. Namely, the Wilkinson sofa fit her criteria to a tee. "I have plenty of praise for this couch, but what sold us above all else was the incredible depth and plushness of the seats," she wrote. "After months of feeling like we were perched on a piece of cardboard in front of the TV, sinking into the showroom model had us immediately 'ooh-ing' and 'ahh-ing' in anticipation of afternoon naps, cozy WFH days, and movie nights." She also adores that the sofa sports a classic silhouette without leaning particularly modern or traditional in appearance. And of course, the free white glove delivery service didn't hurt, either.

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Benchmade Modern

Look no further, because your next conversation pit is here. The OG Couch Potato sofa's wide seats, relaxed profile, and supportive foam cushions make it the prime spot for socializing with family and friends. Best List editor Britt detailed the process of customizing and ordering her sofa in her review, and she couldn't be more thrilled with how the process culminated. "The cushions are marshmallowy soft and squeezable while also having ample support and comfort," she wrote of the final product. "You’ll also be happy to know that I’ve been able to keep the dog fur at bay for weeks with a quick swipe of my hand or pet hair roller." So, if you're looking for a seamless, customizable option, Benchmade Modern is your place.

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For something that makes a statement, we say go with leather. Even better still is Burrow's leather Nomad sofa, which Jada said she's had for more than four years — not that you'd ever be able to tell. "The full-grain leather is as smooth and soft as it was when I first unpacked it," she said. "The seats are deep, comfortable, and best of all, modular." As a result, the pieces were easy to pack up when she moved from an apartment and into her current house. "Each seat folds down like a sandwich, so it takes up little space in a car or moving truck, and there’s no awkward pivoting to get it through doorways," she added.

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As a dog owner, Britt was also excited to try a sofa as pet-friendly as Kardiel's Newport model. This durable, stain-resistant piece of furniture will last years without succumbing to any serious damage, plus its cushion covers are can be removed for easy cleaning. "My favorite feature of the Newport sofa is the raised platform that sits fully on the floor," Britt wrote. "Cleaning under furniture is a pain, but the Newport rules the task out completely. The base is made of solid American Oak, giving an elegant flair to its clean shape." She also noted that having a platform instead of individual legs makes the couch easier to glide, should you want to rearrange your space.

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Crate & Barrel

Steven, AT's director of brand innovation and strategy, bought this Crate & Barrel outlet sofa on a whim but now says it's one of his best investments. Another customizable pick, the bench-seat pick is available in eight different sizes and 200 upholstery options. Most importantly, this is one sturdy piece of furniture. "It has traveled with me to three different apartments," he said. "The back cushions are not affixed to the main frame (unlike many sofas), and when removed, the couch mimics the size of a twin-sized bed, creating instant accommodations for overnight guests." In his apartment, it has also been the location of endless show binges, meals, and midday naps.

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Can you tell just how much we love Burrow? Jada is also a huge fan of their Field sectional, which — no surprises here — can be reconfigured into an endless number of shapes. "I love the performance fabric that stands up to spills and stains, as well as the streamlined silhouette," she said. "Even though my interior design style includes a bit of everything and I’m constantly rearranging my living room, the Field has looked right at home through it all.” It's the ultimate lounger for those who prefer slightly overstuffed cushions and a pared-back aesthetic.

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was $4306.00

AT contributor Sholeen swears by this sofa from DTC brand Allform, who specializes in modular sofas that change with your needs and move with you between different spaces. She found it wildly easy to put together and perfect for working from home and napping. The cherry on top is that it’s made of stain-resistant, performance-quality fabric!

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West Elm
was $1299.00

West Elm is one of our favorite places to search for sofas, so it comes as no surprise that their small-space-friendly Eddy model is beloved by AT contributor Ivy, who uses it in her office as a WFH spot. “The slightly formal look makes my sometimes-messy office look (and feel) pulled together,” she wrote, adding that the fabric is ultra-durable and stains come out easily.

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Albany Park
was $2047.00

If super deep cushions and a soft feel are what you look for in your seating, you can’t go wrong with the Kova Sofa, which earned a rave review from Britt. “It’s fabulous for someone like me: short, loves wrapping up in a good blanket, never has their feet on the floor — the list goes on,” she said.

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7th Avenue

7th Avenue's sofas are notable for their liquid-repelling capabilities, so AT’s manager of commerce partnerships and strategy, Yasmin, decided to take a chance on the white option. So far, her risk has paid off. “It combines the aesthetic I was seeking with utility,” she said. “It’s not like a precious museum piece that you can’t enjoy; I can actually use it day to day and not worry about it getting filthy because the covers are washable.”