6 Editor-Approved Bedding Finds at Buffy That You Can Snag on Sale

published Jun 20, 2023
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When we give bedding recs here at AT, we try to share picks that you’ll want to use day in and day out for a lifetime. That being said, we understand that not all coverings are suited to every season. Unless, of course, you’re shopping at Buffy. We can’t praise their moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating sheets, pillows, and comforters enough, especially those that are part of the brand’s fan-favorite Breeze line. No matter which piece you opt for — heavy or light — chances are that it’s perfectly suited for warm, humid nights. We already have a list of editor-tested cooling bed products, but we still thought we’d compile all of our Buffy picks in one place, too. Whether you’re already a loyal customer or this is your first foray into the brand, you’re bound to find something here that’ll make your bed feel comfier and look all the more stylish as summer officially settles in.

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Up first we have the cult-favorite Breeze duvet cover, which also just so happens to be a must-have for SEO commerce writer Nic. He loves the cover's silky-soft feel and subtle sheen, adding, "I've been using this duvet cover for a few months and has found it to be durable (It can withstand my cats jumping on the bed with their claws out), easy to wash (It doesn't shrink or lose its softness after washing and drying), and easy to put over a duvet insert." He also wrote in his review that the duvet cover is great at keeping the body cool, even for fellow hot sleepers.

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Now that travel season is here, you're going to want a good neck pillow to make any upcoming flights feel tolerable (and maybe even a little enjoyable). Take Best List editor Britt's word for it, and invest in Buffy's Nook pillow. "Its cuddly sherpa cover is as soft as a teddy bear, and it’s stuffed just the right amount so that it looks like it was pulled out of a cartoon into real life," she wrote. "It’s super cozy, great for all different types of relaxing, and doesn’t wear down easily." Whether you've got an upcoming road trip or an international vacation planned, this is the one item you'll definitely want to pack in your carry-on.

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Made of a mixture of microfiber and eucalyptus fiber and sporting an interior fill devised from recycled plastic bottles, the Buffy Cloud comforter turned contributor Taryn into a full-fledged down-alternative convert. "When it’s a breezy evening in my loft, the comforter feels lightweight around my shoulders, and when I’m in bed as the temps drop at 2 a.m., it must be working to keep me warm, because I sleep soundly until my alarm goes off, where I wake up rested and conveniently not in a pool of sweat," Taryn wrote. That's likely because the comforter is a master at absorbing moisture, plus it's completely hypoallergenic! Who knew upcycled materials could feel so luxurious?

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As fun as summer can be, there are few things as dreadful as restless sleeps brought on by inescapable heat. To combat this all-too-common problem, Mark, AT's director of commerce, suggests Buffy's Breeze sheets. Of course, you'll want to make sure to wash them first. "I know I should have done that immediately after unpackaging the set, but I didn’t realize how drastically it would improve the quality," Mark wrote. "The thin, silky fabric turned thicker and almost cottony, similar to a light, well-worn T-shirt. As I got into bed that night, the sheets felt cool and luxurious — I almost couldn’t stop running my hands over them because they felt so nice." Most importantly, the sheets will ward away stuffy, stifling nights and keep you comfy even amid the heatwave.

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More great news: Buffy also carries a number of excellent bed pillows in addition to their travel Nook pillow. Associate lifestyle editor Sofia has been sleeping on the Cloud pillow for the past few months and says it's ideal for people who, like her, alternate between sleeping on their back and sides. "I love that this Buffy pillow is soft and bouncy without letting my head sink too much, no matter which position I'm in," she said. "It strikes a lovely balance of supportive and cushy, and even though I cover it with a pillow case, I adore how silky the fabric is." Additionally, you can choose between three firmness levels to ensure that you get your exact desired feel.

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Another one of Buffy's best-sellers, the Breeze comforter is the softest, most breathable comforter that executive lifestyle director Charli has ever owned. "I look forward to wrapping myself in this comforter each night because it's so comfortable," she said. "My husband and I have actually gotten into little arguments about who stole it from whom in the middle of the night. We're going to need to buy a second one!" As the owner of two small dogs, Charli added that the comforter's eucalyptus, pet-safe construction gives her peace of mind. "And, I'm a hot sleeper, and this comforter doesn't get somehow kicked off in the middle of the night — that's always the test for me!" she also noted.