I Switched from a Traditional Sofa to This Super Cozy Sectional and I’m Never Going Back (Bonus: It’s On Sale!)

updated May 29, 2023
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Credit: Albany Park

When did you know it was time to replace your couch? For me, it was when the hand-me-down sofa that I got after my brother’s move to California began to swallow up anyone who sat on it. The frame was so old and broken that if you sat in a specific spot, you’d sink into it like loose change. It served me and my family well over the years, but it was definitely beyond time for it to go. In my darkest hour of couch shopping, furniture brand Albany Park presented me with the opportunity to test a piece from one of their collections, and it took me 0.002 seconds to select the Kova Sofa. Now through June 7, you can save up to 30 percent on Albany Park’s best-selling living room seating during their Memorial Day sale. That includes this sofa, which is marked down in all colors! (For the best deal, however, the beige color is currently 30 percent off.)

The day my Kova Sofa arrived, my old couch was still in my apartment. I had no one around to help me move it, so as you can imagine, I went into panic mode. I knew the new couch would be coming in separate boxes, but I wasn’t sure how large or heavy they would be. The delivery guy dropped them at my door, knocked, and vanished. At that point, I took a deep breath and prepared to do my best to get them inside.

Perhaps I was being a little dramatic. Though I was on my own when it came to getting the sofa into my apartment, the boxes weren’t so heavy that I couldn’t move them by myself. They were also smaller than I expected them to be. Of course, I couldn’t lift them, but they could be turned fairly easily — like a wheel. Each base came in its own box along with the pillows and feet. Then, each arm and backrest were in separate (and much lighter) boxes. The biggest relief of all was that all of the boxes fit in my apartment, along with my old couch with room to spare.

A day later, the old couch was taken away and I took on the mission of assembling the Kova. If you’ve ever put together a sectional, you can gauge pretty easily what the steps are, but the instructions make it very clear. There’s also an instructional video on the Albany Park website for additional assistance. Each “box” of the couch gets pieced together separately, then the two sections are joined in order to complete the sofa. I can’t stress enough the importance of building the sections before pairing the bases. Because the arm and backrests fit so exactly, it’s difficult to slide them into place if the seats are already connected. It can be done, but trust me, it makes for a significantly smoother assembly and placement if the directions are properly followed.

Credit: Albany Park

My first impression of the Kova Sofa was my surprise at how deep the couch is — I LOVE IT! It’s fabulous for someone like me: short, loves wrapping up in a good blanket, never has their feet on the floor — the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not only suited for shorties. Each seat measures 42 inches wide, 42 inches long, and 30 inches deep. I’m so excited for my best friends to visit because it’s the style of couch you want to hang out on. The arms and back close everything in, and their flat surface is convenient for a place to put the remote, a book, or your phone between scrolling social media (or my personal favorite, online shopping). It’s also wide enough to nap comfortably, and as a non-napper, I don’t say that lightly!

A feature of this sectional that was completely new to me was the feather-blend cushions. As someone who’s primarily familiar with foam couch cushions, I had a hard time imagining what it would feel like to sit on anything else. Would the cushions sink drastically? Would they be comfortable? Would I like it? In comparison, my last couch had been worn out beyond repair so anything would be an improvement, but it was still well within the confines of my comfort zone. 

The verdict: The Kova cushions are soft and supremely comfortable! I can plop down on it just as carefree as I would any other sofa. To be honest, I don’t think I’d care for the feather pillows if they were on a shallower couch. Making the Kova Sofa deep-set was a really smart choice design-wise because it suits the cushions extremely well. The added support of the sturdy upholstered wood frame helps to create an excellent balance between coziness and structure that results in a sofa you can nestle into for ultimate comfort. Just remember that every cushion and pillow on this couch requires fluffing at least once a week to keep the fill evenly distributed, which I’ll have to get used to. My mom even laughed when I told her about it because I would often comment on how she always fluffs pillows as she moves around her house. (It’s not a habit I picked up from her whatsoever.)

Credit: Albany Park

The need to fluff the pillows is the most “high maintenance” element of the Kova Sofa. The seat cushions and pillows all have washable zip covers that are easy to remove and don’t trap crumbs. If an afternoon snack gets spilled, you can vacuum it without a problem. It’s also SUPER simple to take apart, which is going to come in handy when I move in the future. One of the things I dreaded the most the past few times I’ve moved, even when I transferred to a nearby apartment in the same complex, was moving the couch. It’s always been an ordeal and everyone complained the most about it. However, being able to break down this sofa into parts that are so much easier to handle will make moving it a breeze.

Though I have the smallest variation of the Kova Sofa, Albany Park has many options available for larger spaces and add-ons. There’s even an ottoman available and a corner chair that would make a fantastic reading nook if I had extra room. But trust me, the sofa is a worthy investment regardless of whether you opt for add-ons. It’s nice enough to be able to settle in and kick back at the end of a long day on a couch that’s absolutely made for cozy living.

Buy: Kova Sofa, $1,100 (normally $1,498)