The Best Home Finds to Buy from West Elm, According to Our Editors

updated Apr 6, 2023
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Even if you don’t want to admit it, the truth is that you’re likely loyal to a number of brands. Whether it’s the cellphone you own, the clothes you wear, or even the creamer you put in your coffee, name and street cred are major factors behind the items you reach for. In many cases, you’ll even pay a few extra dollars just to know that the product in question is high-quality and long-lasting. We know so many brands like that here at AT, and it can be hard to keep track of them. But with regards to furniture — and really housewares of all kinds — West Elm is the place to go. Over the past year, our editors have tested products from this retailer in nearly every category. You might’ve seen our Personal Shopper series, where we visited West Elm showrooms and stores in person and physically tried out all of their bestselling dining tables, sofas, and coffee tables. Here, we’ve compiled all of those picks, plus more staff-favorite finds that you’ll want to check out the next time you’re shopping at West Elm. Looking for a new floor lamp? Your next family sectional? Or perhaps a set of wine glasses? Then keep reading for the best things to buy!


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West Elm

For a mid-century modern vibe, go with the Axel couch. This beautiful leather sofa has an upright, modular design, yet it's still soft and comfortable. It's also compact enough to fit into smaller living rooms and will undoubtedly bring a polished look to your space. As with almost all of West Elm's sofas, the Axel is highly customizable, available in fabric options and even as a reclining chaise.

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West Elm
was $3998.00

When we visited the West Elm showroom and sat on the Harmony sectional, we immediately deemed it as insanely comfortable and cloud-like. This is the perfect buy if you have a larger family or simply want a good lounging spot when you finish your workday. With two confirgurations and more than 100 fabric options available, you can truly make the Harmony your own.

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West Elm

We love this sleeper sectional for its substantial hidden storage space, yes, but this sofa also has unbelievably plush cushions and the ability to transform your living room into a guest bedroom. And when you pull the mattress out, you're not getting a meager twin cot, but rather a queen-sized mattress. Although the sofa definitely has a more traditional look, but you can make it fit your surroundings thanks to the "build your own" option on West Elm's website.

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West Elm
was $2099.00

Although we didn't spotlight this specific sofa in our Personal Shopper series, AT contributor Stella owns and loves it, saying, "Of every couch I’ve ever spent time on, I can hands-down say this Harmony couch is the most comfortable." In fact, there's no need to pull out the air mattress when friends and family visit, because they'll feel right at home on its soft mattress. In addition to describing it as "uniquely deep," "incredibly sturdy and well-made," and "unbelievably soft," Stella says she foresees keeping her Harmony couch for years and years to come.

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West Elm

With its long back cushions and bench-style seat, the Shelter Queen sleeper feels more like a luxurious daybed than an everyday couch. You'd never guess that it conceals a queen-sized mattress! The sofa's firm seat makes it a great spot if you work from home, but we still rated it highly in terms of nappability. Basically, this find lets you have it all.

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West Elm
was $3298.00

The Haven sectional practically invites you to sprawl out on its deep, extra-plush seats, and its long side chaise also is eye-catching. You can customize its configuration, choosing which side you want the extending length on, as well as what type of seats and upholstery you prefer. Its modular form will also give your family room a more defined look.

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West Elm

The best thing about the Harris sectional is its shorter cushions, which are neither too soft nor too firm. You get just the right amount of support — and even a little bounce. We deemed this the best option for families with kids and pets, as the Harris has no exposed hardware and a number of easy-to-clean upholstery options. It's certainly the most resilient pick of the bunch!

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West Elm

The Parker is the perfect sofa if you're looking to transition into your ~sophisticated adult~ phase of life. It has a refined sensibility thanks to its slim, medium-firm cushions, wide chaise, and mid-century modern wooden legs. You might be reluctant to believe it, but this sofa is also great for napping despite its opulent aesthetic.

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West Elm
was $2799.00

Although it's made of leather, the Hamilton sofa instills a relaxed ambiance with its slightly slouchy cushions and sloped arms. It's also very comfortable and one of West Elm's only handmade couches. Although it looks a bit fancier because of its material, the Hamilton is highly durable and will last you a long time without sustaining any serious wear and tear.

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West Elm

Easily the most customizable option on the list, the Dalton sectional lets you choose its configuration, fabric, and whether or not to include bumper and arm chaise modules. Depending on the color and material you go with, this piece will look slightly coastal and very contemporary. Its angular lines don't preclude serious comfort, however.

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West Elm
was $2698.00

Boasting a streamlined shape and wide-seat cushions, the Andes sectional is perfect for accessorizing. Its minimalist foundation makes the perfect backdrop for accent pillows and throw blankets, so feel free to get creative with your styling. And, of course, this is an ottoman sectional, so you get significant hidden storage space, as well.

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West Elm

As is the case with many of West Elm's sectionals, the Harmony can be customized to fit your specific living area. With the Build Your Own sectional, you have the option to choose how many seating modules you want it to have, making this sofa a great option for both large and small spaces alike. But no matter which configuration you end up settling on, the Harmony's cloud-like, modern, and ultra-nappable DNA that our editors fell in love with will stay the same.

Dining Tables

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West Elm

The Keira dining table can seat anywhere from four to eight people because of its expandable nature, so it's great regardless of how much room you have to spare. It'll bring a polished feel to your dining space with its mid-century modern design, slim legs, and dark walnut finish. Essentially, we love that the table is understated and thus suits a variety of interior decor styles.

2 / 8
West Elm
was $1499.00

The focal point of the Anton table is undoubtedly its broad plinth legs, which set it apart from other alternatives in its category. It can seat up to six people at a time, and its roomy surface means you'll never run out of room for all your guests' dinner plates. And because there's only one leg on each end, you'll never feel cramped, even when seated at full capacity.

3 / 8
West Elm

Not only does this expandable dining table look nice in a refreshingly unadorned way, it's also made of sustainably sourced wood and kiln-dried for maximum durability. It seats anywhere from two to six people at a time — in other words, it's impressively versatile! Wide-spaced legs make the table comfortable to sit at no matter how many people are dining.

4 / 8
West Elm
was $1399.00

When we saw the Avery Wishbone table in person, we were impressed by its rustic appearance and ability to transition between farmhouse and boho styles. Horizontal wood panelling gives it an almost picnic table-like feel, while its two wishbone bases allow for plenty of leg room. This find seats up to six people, plus it's available in four different wood finishes.

5 / 8
West Elm

The Jules table's drop-leaf construction means it can go from being round to having a more rectangular shape in seconds. It's the ideal piece to place in your breakfast nook, as it seats up to four and embodies Scandi-chic coziness. The table's wooden surface paired with metal legs lends a slightly industrial appearance that's also wholly modern.

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West Elm

Much like the Jules model, this Box Frame table has a compact drop leaf design that's highly functional for small apartments. We deemed it the best option if you work from home, as its smaller configuration makes for a perfect table-to-desk transition. When the workday ends, you can open it back up to create an intimate dinner party feel.

7 / 8
West Elm
was $999.00

The Frame table was made for commercial use, so you know it'll hold up well and keep its sleek appearance for years to come. As a result, the table is great for families with kids or a multiple roomate situation. An engineered wooden top allows for fast and easy cleanups and promises to maintain its glossy sheen no matter how many spills it endures. This one's a lifer!

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West Elm

Even if you literally don't have the square footage in your place for a dining room, you can still make do with this adorable little tripod table. It certainly beats snacking over your coffee table, as you get that elevated surface that doesn't force you to hunch over. You can comfortably seat up to three people at a time, making this piece a great spot for late-night convos.

Coffee Tables

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West Elm

There's no need to buy an extra sideboard or hutch when you own this industrial pop-up coffee table. As you can see, its surface lifts up to reveal a broad expanse of storage space underneath, which lets you keep streaming devices, books, and other items within easy reach. Despite its roomy design, the table remains small enough to fit in tinier living rooms, and it looks oh-so stylish with its mixed-material design.

2 / 9
West Elm

There's no other statement piece quite like the Volume Round Drum coffee table. As its name implies, this pick sports a highly original rounded design in your choice of oak, walnut, or winter wood. Although the table has no shelves, we do love its large surface, which would be so fun to dress up with some plants, tomes, and perhaps a candle or two.

3 / 9
West Elm
was $479.00

The Marcio Display table is almost a work of art in itself, what with its sleek glass top and angled, sculptural base. It's mid-century modern design at its finest and will certainly be a compliment-getter. Although this table has a fragile surface, it's still sturdy and functional for everyday use, not to mention a great way to bring some pizzazz to an otherwise simple living room setup.

4 / 9
West Elm

At first, the Anton table looks quite bare in a modern sort of way. Despite its lack of drawers and shelves, however, there's plenty of space between its plinth legs for baskets, storage bins, or stacks of your favorite reads. A simple linear design also means that no matter how much you accessorize, the table won't look busy or tacky. Take your pick amid four chic wooden finishes.

5 / 9
West Elm
was $1149.00

Much like the first pop-up coffee table on this list, this one offers ample storage space beneath its modular surface. But this marked-down find is available in two different sizes, the larger sporting an extra pop-up compartment. This mid-century modern beauty also stuns with a marble accent, which is offset nicely by the surrounding walnut wood.

6 / 9
West Elm

When we first spotlighted the unusual Pebble coffee table, we compared it to something you'd find at a luxury resort, which makes sense given its earthy aesthetic and modern-yet-rustic vibe. Rounded lines mean you won't accidentally run into any sharp corners, and the table's sunstantial weight prevents it from budging if you happen to lean against it. A broad surface also makes this the perfect place for snacks during movie nights.

7 / 9
West Elm

Looking for a living room addition that immediately catches the eye and makes friends ask where you found it? Then pick up the Drum storage coffee table in a matte or metallic finish. Two small ports on either side allow you to lift its top up, revealing a hollow interior that's perfect for storing extra blankets, random mementos, or out-of-season decor. You can totally forego the bins and boxes and instead delight in a clutter-free space.

8 / 9
West Elm
was $329.00

For those who prefer a more austere aesthetic, the Profile coffee table is here to fulfill your living room needs. Made of sturdy, immovable iron, it's available in four colors and clearly offers plenty of shelf space. Comfortably prop your feet up at any elevation, and proudly display your most treasured decor pieces where everyone can see them.

9 / 9
West Elm

Even though this gorgeous stone coffee table wasn't included in our original West Elm-dedicated series, we're so glad to have come upon it. Camey, AT's brand partnerships account executive, owns it and is thrilled with her purchase. "I love this coffee table so much," she says of its textured lava stone construction, rounded base, and overall organic look.


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West Elm
was $249.00

Bring a focal point to your space with this stunning mobile chandelier, which has adjustable arms. "I bought this chandelier before I even bought my house," says Senior Graphic Designer Lindsay. "It makes such a statement in my dining room." Although this piece is trendy, its gold-toned brass finish and sleek design will help it stand the test of time.

2 / 11
West Elm
was $32.00

Staff Writer Sarah loves that these pretty fluted cups look like glass but are actually made of acrylic and therefore stackable and less fragile. "I have the grapefruit pink colorway in tall," she added. "I'm a firm believer that this shade of ballet pink is the perfect not-boring neutral, which is what I'm looking for in my plates, bowls, cups, etc." The glasses are available in four colors, two sizes, and in a set of four or eight.

3 / 11
West Elm
was $140.00

Of course, we had to include the velvet curtains that made our Best List in this roundup. These can be purchased individually or in a set of two, as well as with or without a blackout lining, though we definitely recommend with. Former contributor Kendall also found that they helped retain heat in her NYC apartment during the winter months, plus the plush curtains didn't fade, shrink, or wrinkle after multiple washes. They're well-made in every sense.

4 / 11
West Elm

Also sporting a minimal and ultra-elegant appearance, the Sphere & Stem lamp is perfect for small spaces because it barely takes up any room. Pari, a programmatic-direct strategist at AT, loves having hers on during Zoom calls. "It lights up a larger area than lamps with lampshades without being too jarring on the eye," she says. "We've replaced the bulbs with smart bulbs, which makes it easier for us to control each sphere separately. The diffused light is also great ... because it's strong yet soft.”

5 / 11
West Elm
was $160.00

Okay, so maybe a hamper doesn't technically count as decor, but we think this one is certainly pretty enough to display. Not only did Kendall find it beyond easy to mount to her wall, but she also noted that the bamboo laundry basket is deceptively spacious. "I have a housemate as well, and the hamper offers us enough space to hold all the bathroom linens we both use in a week," she wrote. You'll also find that the hamper's bamboo and polyester material resists mildew and mold and is easy to wipe clean.

6 / 11
West Elm

Mirrors with shelves are one of the best storage solutions out there if you don't have a lot to work with, and this one in particular is incredibly stylish to boot. Lindsay has one in her bathroom and admires it every day. "It's a small half-bath, so it's nice to have a place to put small decor pieces without having to clutter the little countertop space we have," she notes.

7 / 11
West Elm

According to Style Editor Blair, this floor lamp's clear glass shade adds tons of brightness to her living room, even from its spot behind the couch. "This lamp has been with me through two moves and one VERY tiny apartment — proof that it’s absolutely perfect for small, tight corners in any space," she says. The angled globe head further adds an air of uniqueness to this striking piece.

8 / 11
West Elm

Another visually appealing laundry container, Brabantia's cork-lidded bin earned a spot on our Best List in the "Best Overall" category. Kendall simply couldn't get enough of its compact shape, high-quality construction, and ability to contain unpleasant smells. What's more, the cork material at the top contrasts nicely with the hamper's sleek black or white body, adding a hint of Scandi chicness to your space.

9 / 11
West Elm
was $38.00

As fun and fancy as you might feel drinking wine from a stemmed glass, sometimes the fragility is too much of a hassle to deal with. Instead, you can opt for this stemless set, which is a favorite of Janelle's, AT's executive director of brand planning and activation, thanks to its durability. "I think their angular design is really unique," she says of the glasses, "and I would argue that any shade of wine looks beautiful in them." Of course there are stemless versions of the glasses for champagne and red or white wine, if that's what you prefer.

10 / 11
West Elm

Our editors have seen a lot of faux plants, and West Elm's monstera stems are pretty convincing. You can buy one individually or in a set of six. AT writer Taryn noted that the faux monstera's leaf has life-like veining and is small enough for your tabletop, so you might grab a few stems and scatter them in vases around your home for a springtime boho aesthetic.

11 / 11
West Elm
was $199.00

Tie your furniture and decor together with this vacuumable, washable herringbone rug. Home Projects Director Megan adores how soft it feels underfoot, not to mention how well it has held up in her bustling household. "It held up well to my dogs, who both tracked spring mud onto it, and any stains came out in the wash," she shared. "The edges look really neat and clean, and the pattern is nice — subtle but still visible, so it's great for anyone who doesn't want something super loud." The rug also comes in two sizes and two relaxing colors.

Bedroom Finds

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West Elm
was $179.00

You might think light blankets are only for the summertime, but the truth is that it's good to have one on hand all year round. Just ask Managing Commerce Editor Tamara, who found herself sweltering in the winter thanks to her pre-war building's radiator. After using this gauzy, breathable blanket, she says her night sweats are long gone. "I’ve longed for a blanket that’s breezy but still feels cozy, and this is the first option that ticks all the boxes," she wrote. "And it’s not just functional: it’s luxe-looking, too."

2 / 4
West Elm
was $179.00

The Mitzi nightstand is the piece of furniture you need if you don't have a lot of bedside space but still want to keep your phone, glasses, tissues, and other personal items nearby at night. It looks adorable with its round top and flared legs, plus it's available in six colors. Kim, AT's senior director of brand partnerships, owns a set in white and describes each stand as "easy to clean," sporting a "sleek design," and bringing the "perfect modern element to my bedroom."

3 / 4
West Elm
was $180.00

The Modern Geo duvet comes in three subdued neutral shades, but it still adds an element of excitement to your bedspread with its geometric pattern. "I love this duvet cover because of the textured details that really make it stand out in my space," Lindsay says. "It's super comfy, too." You can purchase this product on its own, in a set with two pillow shams, or just the shams. And right now, it's almost $20 off!

4 / 4
West Elm
was $150.00

Although this pick is no thick duvet cover or comforter, you can still use it as your main bed covering and stay warm throughout chilly nights. Senior Commerce Editor Alicia likes the throw's homey textured appearance, as well as its medium thickness, which is fitting for all seasons. Still, this double-cloth gauze covering won't make you feel suffocated. It's the ultimate cozy and comfortable bedding staple.