Our Favorite Bathrooms

Best of 2013

The bathroom isn't just a place where you brush your teeth and get un-dirty; it's also the ultimate retreat from the cares of the world. Even if you're brought work home or are in a fight with your partner, no one can bother you in the bathroom. The time you spend there is exclusively, blissfully yours. From LA to Philly, Austin to Edinburgh, here are some of our favorite bathrooms from this year's tours.

Click the slideshow to see our favorite bathrooms. Like what you see? Clicking the links in the captions will take you to the full house tour.

(Image credits: Bethany Nauert; Pablo Enriquez; Dave Murphy; Lindsey Kay Averill; Lizzie Ford; Adrienne Breaux; Monica Wang; Lindsay Tella; Marcia Prentice; Chris Perez; Rick and Thomas; Alexis Buryk; Kathryn Bacalis; Bridget Pizzo; Ashley Poskin; Breanne Johnsen)