An Industrial Maximalist Italian Apartment

updated Feb 7, 2019

An Industrial Maximalist Italian Apartment

updated Feb 7, 2019
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Name: Kirsten Schofield and Eric Ng
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Size: 3,200 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, renting

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Some apartments have good bones, and some apartments feature inhabitants who know good design. Amazingly, Kirsten and Eric’s apartment in downtown Vicenza features both! With thoughtfully chosen items from estate sales and antique stores around Europe and the U.S., this couple has quite the collection of beautiful things from their travels around the world.

Kirsten is a dedicated entertainer and hostess, and her home has so many perfect spots for her many guests — whether they’re weary travelers visiting Italy and need to unload in the guest room, or a pack of friends coming by for a legendary party in her open kitchen and living spaces. Kirsten and Eric’s home is both cozy, inviting and functional, as well as full of many conversation-sparking pieces.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Eric likes things that are very industrial and rustic, but I’m a magpie and a maximalist seeking an eclectic glamour. If he had it his way, it’d be all exposed pipes and unfinished wood; if I had mine, we’d be living in a gilded, mirrored palace of sin. My personal style is very much informed by my stylish mom and grandma, and his is a reflection of his laid-back hometown of Los Angeles. It’s a struggle.

Inspiration: My friend Will’s mom’s house, descriptions of drawing rooms in Southern Gothic novels, Kelly Wearstler-designed hotels, the homes of my family’s matriarchs, and whatever I think Elizabeth Taylor would have bought.

Favorite Element: I love colorful things! I love rugs! I will always buy an amazing rug. They tie the room together.

Biggest Challenge: We have both moved so much for our respective jobs, so nothing ever gets settled — what works in this house won’t work in the next, so we have about a dozen boxes in storage labeled “not for this house.” In this particular house, we have a lot of trouble with the extreme ceilings and not-quite-straight walls.

What Friends Say: Almost everyone comments on the rugs, our kitchen sink, (which is somehow 400 years old!), and our kitchen table. “Made for old-school entertaining”— Leslie; “This is the exact apartment I would think my friend in Italy WOULD have”— my friend Tylyn; “Sophisticated and stylish while still extremely livable,”— my friend Sarah; “I feel equally free to lounge photogenically in one of your seating areas as I do to argue with you across your kitchen table” – also Leslie.

Biggest Embarrassment: We have a lot of hand-me-downs that are pretty beat up; there are a couple dated and/or wrecked things I’m replacing one at a time. For example, our couches are older than I am, but damn, a good one is expensive, so we keep putting off buying one. I also tend to rescue pieces with “good bones” and then talk about fixing them up for like, years and then never do it.

Proudest DIY: I consider IKEA furniture a DIY but I am still pleased with my bar cart all these long years later, as well as my many gold leaf and mirror glass projects. A couple of my favorite projects (like an abandoned shopping buggy I turned into a rolling herb garden) are living in storage right now.

Biggest Indulgence: Our only truly pricey thing was our kitchen table, but I think our wild sheep rug is probably the most opulent. I always splurge on good linens. We obviously keep a lot of booze on hand, if that counts.

Best Advice: Don’t try and do it all at once; pick up one perfect thing at a time. Phase out stuff you don’t love gradually. My house is probably always going to be a work in progress.

Dream Sources: I already shop at my dream sources, which are estate sales, but I would love to be able to buy whatever I wanted there without thinking about it. I have very low standards for my dreams.


Cart — Harbor Freight that I painted gold (originally black or red)
Mirror — rehabbed thing I found on the side of the road in Charleston, South Carolina
Candlesticks — family estate
Vespa vase — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Enameled bowl — thrifted in Tbilisi, Georgia
Ceramic bowl — street vendor in Venice, Italy
Jefferson Cup — University of Virginia book store in Charlottesville, Virginia
Bull on a hill painting — Haley McKey of Washington, D.C.
Printed chair and ottoman — hand-me-down
Ceramic basket — VBC in Nove, Italy
Herringbone blanket — Target
Gray chair and ottoman — IKEA
Wild Maramures merino rug — Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest, Romania
Marble-top tables — family estate
Crystal bowl — Baccharat
Ceramic planter — Pottery by Lis of Oakland, California
Gold-tone hurricane — Studio of Jaclyn Journey
Flower-shaped candle holder — De Munari Antiquariato E Servizi Per L’Arte of Vicenza, Italy
Silver platters — Historical Society of Macon, Georgia annual garage sale
Elephant side table — Thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Vase — gift from my great-grandmother
Painted suitcase — Richmond, Virginia art fair
Wood-inlay box — gift from study abroad host family in Seville, Spain
Embroidered pillow — handiwork of my mother, I think, others are hand-me-downs
Octopus candleholders — Elios Ceramiche in Nove, Italy
Flower painting — Haley McKey of Washington, D.C.
Custom silhouette — Clay Carew Rice of Charleston, South Carolina
Silhouette frame — Dolfinger’s of Louisville, Kentucky
Feather decanter — Laura Zindell
Hand model — I honestly think I might have stolen this from a party centerpiece when I was drunk, but you can buy them at any art supply store. I woke up with this and a whole artichoke in my hand
Record cabinet — gift from roommate in Charleston, South Carolina
Record player — Crosley of Louisville, Kentucky
Charleston print — Candlefish of Charleston, South Carolina
Bigoli press — thrifted in Schio, Italy
Workbench (serving as bar) — Eredi Bizzotto Silvano of Rossano Veneto, Italy
Barware — Luigi Bormioli
Hammer and sickle wine topper — DIY from thrifted pieces from Tbilisi, Georgia
Friendship drinking vessel — thrifted in Lucerne, Switzerland
Pouf — Handiwork of my mom
Rug — thrifted in Tbilisi, Georgia

Table and chairs — Eredi Bizzotto Silvano of Rossano Veneto
Barstools — Kasanova
Black hutch — hand-me-down
Chicken pitcher — VBC in Nove, Italy
Green clock — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Copper engraving of the Rotonda — Antica Bottega Artistica Dal Toso of Vicenza, Italy
Cookbook stand — The Happy Cook of Charlottesville, Virginia
Coffee pots — Bialetti
Sugar dish — Von Maur
Mugs — DIY
Wine opener — Thrifted in Piazzolo Sul Brenta, Italy
Butcher paper roll — Amazon
Spice rack — Thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Scratch-off world poster — Paper Source
Scratch-off America poster — Urban Outfitters
Utensil organizers — built in
Copper tea pot — Old Dutch International
Salt cellar — Tacchi Luigi in Bellagio, Italy
Imari bowl — family estate
Dishes — Crate and Barrel
Curtains — Included in apartment

Tray — Historical Society of Macon, Georgia annual garage sale
Decanter — thrifted in Louisville, Kentucky
Gold candle holder — DIY
Gold vase — DIY
Feather art — street vendor in Tbilisi, Georgia
Tiny jars — Flying Tiger
Painted hutch — found in apartment

Bed — IKEA
Bedspread — Marimekko
Pillow — Handiwork of my mom
Black blanket — Blarney Woolen Mills in Blarney, Ireland
Side tables — estate sale in Charleston, South Carolina
Vase — Hrim of Reykjavik, Iceland
Mirror — IKEA
Clothing Rack — IKEA
Runner — Flying Tiger
Desk — Craigslist in Los Angeles, California
Rolling stool — taken from my grandfather’s optical shop
Palladio print — gift from a friend in Italy
Asian glicee prints — family estate
Vicenza-themed prints — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Irish harp — gift from my mother, probably from Co. Clare, Ireland
Red cabinet — purchased from a fire sale in Charleston, South Carolina
OK hand — Antique shop in Taylor, Mississippi
Kentucky string art — Gift from a friend
Goat print — gift from a friend
Candle holders — Gift from a friend
Red wire basket — Scout of Louisville, Kentucky
Bike print — Freckle & Fair
Framed antique stamp — Historical Society of Macon, Georgia annual garage sale

Desk — Estate sale in Charleston, South Carolina
Rolling stool — taken from my grandfather’s optical shop
Rocking chair — Estate sale in Charleston, South Carolina
Rug — Flying Tiger
Pin board — DIY
Cork Board — Home Depot
Rolling cart — Habitat Re:Store in Charleston, South Carolina
Gold-tone hurricane — Studio of Jaclyn Journey
Human model — Gift

Art print — Desirant in Asheville, North Carolina
Festina Lente Painting — commissioned by Haley McKey of Washington, D.C.
Rotunda print — Freckle & Fair
Historic Italian military uniforms engraving — thrifted in Piazzolo Sul Brenta, Italy
Cardboard moose — Rock Paper Scissors in Charlottesville, Virginia
Bamboo holder — World Market

Rug — Caucasian Carpets of Tbilisi, Georgia
Bookcase — Craigslist in Oxford, Mississippi
Pillows — Maisons du Monde
Side table with sling — IKEA
Tall side table — Estate sale in Charleston, South Carolina
Sheepskin — Tromsø, Norway gift shop
Platter — Marimekko
Flower vase — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Planters — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Light-up letters — Flying Tiger
Glass planters — Amazon
Trunk — Estate piece from Vicenza, Italy

Small table — thrifted in Oxford, Mississippi
Table cloth — Target
Ring holder — Waterford
Decanter with mouthwash — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Candle holder — Gift form a friend in Montana
Planters — Garden Ridge Pottery
Towels — Nieman Marcus
Hanging basket — family estate
Wicker hamper — thrifted in Vicenza, Italy
Rolling hamper — Target
Tiny blue containers — Flying Tiger

Bedspread and sheets — Matteo LA
Shams — Frette
Vase — thrifted in Louisville, Kentucky
Diffuser — Amazon
Bedside table — found in apartment attic
Two-tier table — family estate
Equine frame — Dolfingers of Louisville, Kentucky
Alarm Clock — Thrifted in Kaiserslautern, Germany
Hammock — Marimekko
Hammock Pillows — IKEA
Wine Racks — Balvi
Sunflower photo — Freckle & Fair
Demijohn — Rescued from garbage in Vicenza, Italy
Bed area curtains — IKEA

Thanks, Kirsten and Eric!

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