20+ Ways to Shake Up Your Look in the Bedroom

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Image from Domino.

Bored with your bedroom? Here are 26 suggestions for ways to shake up your look. Some of these are simple ideas, and others are a little more complicated, so no matter your level of commitment, you'll find something here for you. Your bedroom will be looking badass in no time.

1. Paint the walls — or just one wall — in a really bold (but still soothing) color.

2. Add a colorful coverlet to your bed.

An Austin home from The Everygirl.

3. Layer rugs on rugs for an eclectic look.

4. DIY a big, puffy headboard for a super cozy look.

5. Hang an oversized piece of art above your bed.

Spotted on Stil Inspiration.

6. Or hang a small piece offcenter, for a touch of the unexpected.

7. Or go one further and add a gallery wall behind the bed.

8. Choose traditional nightstands to add a little texture to a modern space.

9. Add an oversized plant.

Image from Lonny.

10. If your bedroom is big enough, pull your bed away from the wall and let it be the center of attention.

11. Paint a smaller piece (like your nightstand) in an eye-popping color.

Emily Henderson's bedroom, spotted on Domino.

12. Hang a mobile above your bed, because why should babies have all the fun?

13. Pair two mismatched nightstands for a little contrast.

14. Hang a rug (or a funky textile) over the head of your bed.

15. Use one or more low tables as a nightstand...

16. And lean art on top of them.

An Autralian home from Homelife.

17. A simple bulb, with the cord looped a few times around a hook hanging from the wall, makes for a funky bedside light.

18. Hang a picture ledge over the top of your bed and use it to display a rotating selection of artwork.

19. Create an accent wall behind the bed with some funky wallpaper. (This one is 'Genuine Fake Books' by Deborah Bowness.)

20. Take the 'rug as headboard' look to a whole new level with an oversized sisal rug. (This one is from Eco Chic.)

Spotted on Alex's Closet.

21. Lean an antique ladder against the wall and cover it with string lights for some unusual atmospheric lighting.

A quirky London house spotted on House to Home.

22. Hang a metal wall sculpture above the bed. (Find one at an antique shop or on Ebay.)

23. Wrap a gallery wall around a corner.

From Rue.

24. Hang a curtain behind the head of the bed — it's easier than a canopy, but still gives a soft, classic feel.

25. Hang a mirror on the curtain for a little sparkle.

26. An Otomi quilt will bright up your room on even the darkest of days.

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