24 Gorgeous Dark Bedrooms That Are Perfect for a Good Night’s Sleep

updated May 7, 2022
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Credit: Minette Hand

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom decor, designing a dark bedroom may not be on your radar. But according to designer Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design, deep hues are actually the perfect backdrop for creating a dreamy atmosphere geared toward a good night’s sleep. “Going dark with a space tends to make it feel polished and intentional, and there’s something really satisfying about beginning and ending the day in a place where each aspect of the design has been considered,” she explains. “I find dark colors calming and soothing. For me, the brighter an interior, the more energized and fresh it feels. Dark decor is dynamic in a whole other way.” 

There’s no need for concern; now more than ever, homes are starting to trend darker, moving away from the ever-popular all-white look. From black bedrooms to black and white kitchens, and even black bathrooms (yes, really!), darker colors are totally having their moment. 

When it comes to a dark bedroom, there are so many ways to style it. From charcoal gray bedding to dramatic black curtains, these 20 bedrooms might convince you to go dark the next time you overhaul your bedroom. If you’re concerned about the lack of natural light your space gets or your design scheme feeling a little gloomy, you could opt to bring in some colors that pair with black and other dark hues. No matter your taste, there are plenty of ideas for you here—check them out.

1. Add some contrast.

The best way to pull off a dark bedroom is to add contrast. In this moody bedroom, a bright blue comforter lightens the space by providing contrast against the dark wall in the background. 

2. Use different shades of gray.

Or simply incorporate different shades of the same color, like this beautiful bedroom owned by actor Erich Bergen. Gray walls and black bedding pair perfectly for a somber yet masculine dark bedroom. 

3. Create an industrial chic look.

Dark walls, black exposed piping and a wooden ceiling work together to give the bedroom in this Philadelphia loft an industrial vibe without looking depressing at all. The two large windows lighten this space; a requirement for any dark bedroom. 

4. A touch of phantasmagoria.

If there was a poster child for a fantastic dark bedroom, this would be it. This deep purple master bedroom, designed by Sarah Barnard Design, is amazingly chic but funky at the same time. 

Credit: Rachel Manns

5. Go green.

Beyond the ability to accentuate a room’s plant life, deep green hues are said to have calming benefits. Paired with navy blue and cool white tones, the modern plaid print duvet in Claire Brennan’s London home is just one of the many ways to use this unexpected, lush shade. 

6. Keep it simple.

Instead of patterned bedding, try a solid option that’ll act as a blank canvas for decorative pillows. In Jaclyn Johnson’s Los Angeles pad, blue bohemian cushions take center stage and pair well with the rest of the room’s other decor, from a neutral wall hanging to patterned textiles draped over a vintage look ladder.

7. Create contrast.

In Kaisa and Otto’s Finland home, luxe black bedding creates contrast in an otherwise neutral bedroom full of white furnishings. This design decision helps to highlight the wallpaper’s subtle numerical design, which is printed in a whisper light gray shade. 

8. Give charcoal a chance.

Janna’s Arizona home makes the case for going gray with your bedding. The charcoal comforter warms up the space and is the perfect grounding element for the room’s airy, minimalistic palette. It also matches the finish of the bed frame and nightstand hardware perfectly, making it look like a smart, deliberate color choice.

9. Pink and blue pairing.

A deep blue wall color is a unique alternative to black paint and will add depth and dimension to a dark bedroom. Try pairing it with bright pink accents for an eclectic, bold look, as seen in Tessa MacGregor’s Scotland home

Credit: Cass Smith

10. Find balance with white decor.

If deep-colored walls seem a little, well… dark, lighter accents can lighten and brighten up the space. As seen in Cass Smith’s Virginia home, decorative accents like white curtains, globe pendant lighting, and hotel-style bedding help create a cozy atmosphere.

11. Try an accent wall.

To test the waters before committing to a paint color for your dark bedroom, try a dark accent wall behind your bed. Furnish the rest of the room with pieces that accentuate the wall’s color, as seen in Zenia Olivares’s New Jersey home. This will help tie the decor scheme together.

Credit: Minette Hand

12. Go for gold.

Luxe accessories like gold frames are a glam addition to darker spaces, as seen in Angie Teater’s Manhattan apartment. Plus, it leaves room for other metal accessories, like nightstands and lamps, to play a role in the space.

Credit: Viv Yapp

13. Craft a neutral setting.

It’s easy to feel like you’re sleeping under the stars in Kelly Pike’s UK home. A midnight blue and silver birch wallpaper design puts a dreamy spin on a classic faux bois motif, while pops of white and cream balance out the moody hues. 

14. Try out teal.

Teal is a color that feels restful and calm, so it’s a no brainer when it comes to bedroom decor. Try it on for size with large scale floral wallpaper, as seen in Allison Muir’s San Francisco home. You can paper just an accent wall or cover the whole room, if you really want to bring the drama.

15. Go geometric.

Circular shapes are becoming increasingly popular in design, and it’s easy to see why. The modern wallpaper in Dave Widmer and Chad Ross’s Chicago home strikes a fun, cheery chord and plays well with the other patterns in the space, including the striped pillows and plaid coverlet.

Credit: Minette Hand

16. Make a scene.

All eyes are on this maximalist mural in Kristin Laing’s Austin home. A full wall design transforms this bedroom into a lush jungle paradise. Faux fur accents and a shag rug add a hit of texture to simple white bedding, rounding out the rest of the design scheme.

17. Strike balance.

Dark curtains provide a bold exclamation point in an otherwise light bedroom, as seen in Andreea Cristina and Bryan Gaul’s Los Angeles apartment. Try matching the curtains to a shade in the bedding to further tie your disparate design elements together. Yellow and light blue accents create continuity here, too.

Credit: Minette Hand

18. Go dark with an unexpected hue like burnt orange.

Orange shades are rarely a go-to color when decorating, but one look at a bedroom in Hillary Stark and Johnny Musselman’s Texas home might make you think twice about this spicy hue. The burnt orange curtains add warmth to the space and are the perfect deep shade to match this room’s earthy, bohemian style. 

19. Match deeper colored bedding and drapery.

In minimal bedrooms, like this one in Karlijn and Daniel’s Netherlands home, try matching your drapes to the bedding. The resulting room will appear calm, balanced, and not too dark on the whole. Keeping textiles simple also lets the painted accent wall and decorative art and wall hanging do all the talking. 

20. Consider black curtains.

Black curtains add a sense of a drama to a room, as seen in Anne and Matt Thomas’s Philadelphia row home. Hang the curtains higher than the window to evoke the sense of higher ceilings. 

Credit: Rebecca Bond

21. Floor to ceiling wood.

Abigail Ahern’s London home makes a case for a bohemian glam dark bedroom with deep wood hues on the floor and walls. Various neutral-toned accessories complement the room’s brown tones, creating a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere.

Credit: Sally Worts

22. Flower power.

When it comes to Sally Worts’ United Kingdom home, bold floral wallpaper is highlighted by complementary pink accents, creating a glam, maximalist feel. This room is the perfect example of going all in on dark furnishings—wallpaper, furniture, flooring, and even bed frame. Yet because the space gets good natural lighting, the dark bedroom feels sleek and sophisticated, not stuffy.

23. Nothing but the blues.

Blue is the color of serenity, so using this shade in a dark bedroom is a no-brainer. To add dimension to an all-blue look, consider bedding with subtle silk detailing, as seen in Estefania and Chris Palomerez’s Oakland home.

24. Dark meets light

A dark wall and light bed combo, as seen in this New York City apartment, is proof that opposites attract. Pair a tufted tan headboard with solid bedding, a patterned throw, and a few vintage accents for a modern, sophisticated look.