10 Ideas for Dividing Small Spaces

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Small homes afford few ways to configure space, and it's up to you to carve out designated areas that function differently, based on your needs. The goal is to find solutions that are flexible, and don't take up too much valuable space. Here are ten ways to partition off parts of your home:

1. These folding screens (above), from VT Wonen, take up little visual weight. They are also on casters, making them easy to move around.

2. Use wallpaper to signal the "end" of one room and the start of another. Ellie covered her small entryway in Cole & Son's Palm Leaves pattern— a stark contrast to the black paint in the hallway. As seen in Lonny.

3. Jay used a series of stacked Expedit shelves (framed with millwork) to create a functional entryway with lots of storage.

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4. Instead of visually closing things off, play with different levels within a room instead. This child's room, with its elevated bed, was created by Studio Oink.

5. This Moroccan riad uses an alcove as a bedroom space, and curtains add a little bit of privacy.

6. Even without a nook, curtains can split a room in half. Willa Kammerer devised a way to hang curtains from conduit pipe in her 300 square foot studio.

7. Narrow walls are sometimes all you need, and mirrored ones keep the space light and feeling open. If you're confident with your DIY skills, Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to build a freestanding one.

8. A pony wall keeps spaces more open, but provides enough of a barrier. This bedroom/office was designed by Damon Liss.

9. Your headboard can do double-duty as a wall, turning one space into two. This apartment in Madrid, from Mi Casa Spain, cleverly partitions bedroom from bath.

10. And lastly, outdoors spaces can be flexible too, as with these freestanding green walls, from Studio Pepe, that create an intimate seating area while entertaining.

What have you found that works in small apartments? Have you tried any like these?

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(Image credits: VT Wonen; Lonny; Jay's Chelsea Loft; Studio Oink; My Little Chambre; Houzz; Elle Deco Sweden; Damon Liss Design; Mi Casa Spain via My Second Storey; Studio Pepe)