Bethany Nauert

A Los Angeles photographer with a weakness for adorable house pets and quesadillas.
A Bohemian Rental Is Like a Quintessential Beach Cottage
Name: Kaitlyn Shimazaki Location: Belmont Heights/ Belmont Shores — Long Beach, California Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 2 years, renting Kaitlyn has one of those quintessential beach cottages we all imagine landing when we move to California. Her small home is technically the guest house to a larger home, but she gets all the perks of a “standalone” building.
Mar 20, 2019
A Modern Albuquerque Home Masters Boho Style
Name: Latisha Carlson, husband Matt, and their three kids Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Size: Just under 2,000 square feet Years lived in: 7 years, owned Photographer Latisha Carlson, her husband Matt, their three kids, and the dog all live in a renovated modern bohemian dwelling. In the heart of a residential street in Albuquerque, their house has not only been a personal DIY renovation, but a place for Tish to hone in on her passion for interior design.
Jan 17, 2019
This L.A. Home Has the Best Bold Color-Blocked Kitchen
Name: Joy Lofton and her family (Earl, Eleanor, Lois, Peaches, and Nunzo) Location: Atwater Village — Los Angeles, California Size: 1,500 square feet Years lived in: 6 years, owned Joy Lofton, an actress and wardrobe and interior stylist, enjoys living close to the L.A. River in Atwater Village with her family and pets. She’s inspired by Art Deco as well as early ’70s and ’80s style, as evidenced by her one-of-a-kind home.
Nov 5, 2018
This Teeny 250-Square-Foot L.A. Studio Feels So Much Larger
With a gorgeous outdoor space to lounge in, this rental apartment is much more than a studio, even though the rent is the price of a studio.
Sep 12, 2018
Inside Two ‘Grimm’ Stars’ Spanish Modern Los Angeles Home
Name: Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli Location: Hollywood Hills — Los Angeles, California Size: 3,600 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, owned Actors Bitsie and David have spent the bulk of the past few years filming the television show Grimm and living most of the year in woodsy, sometimes-foggy Portland, Oregon. With Grimm finished, the pair are happy to have a new sunny Hollywood Hills home to spend time in.
Aug 14, 2018
Disney Decor Abounds in This Colorful Rental Apartment
Name: Carrie, Patrick and Nacho D. Cat Location: Los Angeles, California Size: 1,750 square feet Years lived in: 5 years, renting Longtime Apartment Therapy reader Carrie and husband Patrick discovered their apartment five years ago, when the desire for a bigger bed made them realize they needed a bigger bedroom.
Jul 2, 2018
This Los Angeles Home’s French Doors Will Floor You
Name: Tracy Bunkoczy Location: Koreatown — Los Angeles, California Size: 1,170 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, owned A massive leak in her last home—a beautiful Silver Lake rental apartment— forced design executive Tracy Bunkoczy to move a year ago.
May 30, 2018
A 400-Square-Foot Studio Feels Much Larger Than It Is
Name: Molly Crist Location: Los Feliz — Los Angeles, California Size: 400 square feet Years lived in: 5 years, renting Molly knows a thing or two about small space living; she’s been renting this lovely studio apartment since her arrival in Los Angeles five years ago. And though it’s a challenge, it’s a challenge she enjoys tackling: she’s used all the square feet in her home, from corner to corner and top to bottom.
Mar 1, 2018
An Artsy Downtown Loft in LA Is Bursting with Books
You have to see this DIY library wall.
Feb 7, 2018
“Summer Camp Supper Club” Style in Silver Lake
Name: Drew Vuong Location: Silver Lake — Los Angeles, California Size: 600 square feet Years live in: 7 years, renting With the constant sunny Los Angeles weather, Drew Vuong wanted to incorporate his love of outdoors and patio living in the inside of his home. He has created a great space for entertaining, leisure, and displaying his favorite artwork both personal and collected.
Jan 18, 2018
A West Coast Meets East Coast Mashup in L.A.
Name: Jake Berkowitz and John Ruggiero Location: Carthay Circle — Los Angeles, California Size: 1200 Square Feet Years lived in: 1 year, renting This isn’t the first time we’ve had the chance to visit hair stylist John Ruggiero at home. Seven years ago we toured a Hollywood house he shared with two roommates, and now we’re touring the Carthay Circle rental he shares with his roommate Jake.
Jul 23, 2017
A Creative, Layered Home in L.A. Gets an Update
Name: Leslie Landis and Jake Martinez Location: MacArthur Park —Los Angeles, California Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 4 years, renting “The kind of decorating I do is less matching and more layering of elements. I think it’s the more interesting option, but when you switch out one thing the whole room is affected,” writes Leslie, an interior decorator. This home might seem a bit familiar; three years ago we toured Leslie and Jake’s Los Angeles home.
Jul 22, 2017
A California Couple Mix Vintage Bohemian & Ojai Style
Name: Mike and Rachel Graves / owners of Summer Camp + Road Trip Location: Meiner’s Oaks — Ojai, California Size: 900 square feet Years lived in: 8 months, rented Summer Camp owners and husband and wife team Michael and Rachel Graves live in an adorable three-bedroom home with their daughter Maude. It’s such a perfect mix of vintage classics, bohemian charm, and that fun California vibe.
Aug 23, 2016
Modern Eclectic Vibes in the Downtown Home of Dimepiece LA
Name: Ashley Jones and Laura Fama of Dimepiece LA Location: Downtown — Los Angeles, CA Size: 2,300 square feet Years lived in: Renting 3 years Dimepiece LA is a positive, stylish women’s street wear brand created in 2007 by Laura Fama and Ashley Jones. They’ve been running their brand out of a warehouse space in Downtown LA and just recently remodeled the front end.
Jul 15, 2016
Rustic & Cozy Cabin Vibes in Los Angeles
Name: Lulu Brud Zsebe and Justin Zsebe Location: Los Feliz — Los Angeles, California Size: 2 Bedroom and 2 Bath Years lived in: 2.5 years – rent Lulu and her husband Justin are lucky to have found an apartment that suits their lifestyle—it’s a space that has been passed on though the hands of friends for the past 13 years. They love the coziness, and have created a dwelling that invites their guests to feel at home.
Jun 21, 2016
Kelly Lamb’s Warm, Welcoming Backyard Boho Guest House
Name: Kelly Lamb Location: Los Feliz—Los Angeles, California Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: Owned 1.5 years Kelly is an artist, ceramicist and designer living in the Hollywood Hills end of Los Feliz. While she remodels the main house, Kelly has been living in the property’s guest cabin. What I loved most about this guest house is how it encompasses the quintessential Los Angeles vibe: bohemian, warm, welcoming and completely drenched in natural light.
Jun 11, 2016
Eric & Patrick’s Design Playground
Name: Eric Stauble and Patrick Maziarski Location: Mid-City — Los Angeles, California Size: 1,400 square feet Years lived in: 1 year; Owned Welcome to the very creative home of Eric Stauble and Patrick Maziarski, who are both immersed in the creative design world. With an eclectic mix of custom-designed, reupholstered and vintage pieces, this home offers the best of indoor and outdoor living.
Mar 19, 2016
Rebecca & Jared’s Eclectic Hollywood Regency
Name: Rebecca and Jared Raskind Location: Glendale, California Size: 1,350 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; Owned Rebecca reached out to me in an email, expressing interest in a possible House Tour, and when she sent over images of their recent renovations and before and afters, I knew I wanted to feature her home. This three-bedroom, two-bath house sits on a lovely block in Glendale complete with gorgeous landscaping and a pool.
Mar 17, 2016
Allen & Nate’s Cool Combination of Styles in LA
Name: Allen Loeb and Nate Clark Location: West Hollywood — Los Angeles, California Size: 1,450 square feet Years lived in: 4 years; Owned When my friend Jason Martin told me about Allen and Nate’s gorgeous West Hollywood home, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph it. This home is one that is stylish but warmly minimal. Each room has a personal touch that expresses their personalities but still feels both refined and functional.
Mar 1, 2016
Courtney & Eric’s Echo Park Charmer
Name: Courtney Halverson and Eric Neujahr Location: Echo Park — Los Angeles, California Size: 700 square feet Years lived in: 1 year; Rented I discovered Courtney and Eric’s home via Instagram. Courtney, an actress and the blogger behind Pretty Little Fawn, would post occasional photos that led me to believe her passions included not only fashion but extended into home decoration and interiors.
Feb 23, 2016
Nick’s All-in-One Home & Studio
Name: Nick McPhail Location: Silver Lake — Los Angeles, California Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 3 years; Rented With the price of rent quickly increasing every year in Los Angeles, artist Nick McPhail was lucky to grab this perfect little home all for himself. Complete with a backyard that houses an organic garden and a ceramics studio, this home embodies the ideal of a live/work space.
Feb 16, 2016
Modern Lighting Design & Friendly Cali Vibes: Brendan Ravenhill Studio
Name: Brendan Ravenhill Studio Location: Frogtown — Los Angeles, California Years lived in: 1.5 years; Rented A large Quonset hut on a lot adjacent to the Los Angeles River is the home of the incredible Brendan Ravenhill Studio. Brendan and his team build incredible lighting fixtures, furniture, and home accessories that are quickly gaining accolades all over the place. The team of about 10 builds everything right on-location and even photographs it in their homemade photo studio.
Feb 6, 2016
Tracy’s Lovely Silver Lake Home With A View
Name: Tracy Bunkoczy Location: Silver Lake — Los Angeles, California Size: 850 square feet Years lived in: 3 months; rented Tracy recently downsized and relocated to Silver Lake to get a fresh start. With this move, she has gained a second floor walk-up apartment flooded with ample natural light, gorgeous architectural details, and an incredible view from her little deck.
Jan 20, 2016
Jaclyn & David’s Los Feliz Remix
Name: Jaclyn Johnson and David Kaul and their dog, Noah Wiley Location: Los Feliz — Los Angeles, California Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: 2.5 years; Rented It’s been well over a year since I last visited Jaclyn Johnson, founder of Create & Cultivate, at her incredible little home in Los Feliz. Since then, her now-fiancé, David Kaul, has moved in, and they are enjoying their engagement in their home’s beautiful mix of feminine and masculine styles.
Jan 17, 2016
Tyler & Kelsey’s Laid-Back, Family-Friendly California Vibe
Name: Tyler Parker (a photographer) and Kelsey Harper (a custom floral designer) and their 2-year-old, Harrison Harper Location: Eagle Rock — Los Angeles, California Size: 1,600 square feet Years lived in: 1 years; Rented Tyler and Kelsey have been thoroughly enjoying their East Los Angeles home. Making room for a baby on the way while raising a 2-year-old, they’ve somehow managed to create a home that is not only beautiful but incredibly functional as well.
Jan 5, 2016
A Look Inside the ‘As Of Now’ Artisan Collective in Los Angeles
The brand-new home goods collective As Of Now is located inside the A+D Museum in downtown Los Angeles. It is a spacious shop that pays homage to many local LA artisans and designers, featuring everything from flatware and plates to furniture and handbags. One of my favorite aspects is the ever-changing gallery of artwork, and with the way that downtown LA is booming, this local artisan-inspired shop is right at home.
Jan 2, 2016
Kristen’s Palm Beach-Inspired Home In Burbank
Name: Kristen Tola Hettich Location: Burbank, CA Size: 900 square feet Years lived in: 6 years; Rented When my friend Kristen decided to redecorate her bedroom last year, she enlisted a professional interior designer to help her out. That project lit a fire under her to tackle the remainder of the entire home on her own. Kristen is a food, fashion, and interior prop stylist who is very good at mixing patterns and is not afraid of color!
Oct 12, 2015
James’ Handmade Highland Park Home
Name: James Burial and his adorable dog, Penny Location: Highland Park; Los Angeles, California Size: 600 square feet Years lived in: 9 months; Rented I met James a couple years ago at SHOPCLASS, where he runs the show in all things vintage. I figured he had a fond appreciation and awe for mid-century furnishings and details from decades past, and once I heard that he’d handmade his own dining table and chairs, I knew I had to invite myself over for a tour. I’m so happy he said yes.
Sep 13, 2015
Pamela’s Sunny California Beach House
Name: Pamela Salzman Location: Manhattan Beach, California Size: 3,850 square feet Years lived in: 9 years; Custom built, designed and own When I was invited to shoot Pamela Salzman’s gorgeous home in Manhattan Beach, I jumped at the opportunity. She and her family love living in this incredible two-story home equipped with a kitchen to die for! Pamela is an established food blogger who offers incredible recipes through cooking classes and custom-designed menus for one-on-one clients.
Sep 12, 2015
Yigit Pura’s Modern Condo In The City
Name: Yigit Pura Location: Nob Hill — San Francisco, CA Size: 570 square feet Years lived in: 8 months — own When Yigit decided to take the leap and buy an apartment in the city, he wanted a home that intrigued him every time he walked through the door. Clocking in at just 570 square feet, this one bedroom has a small kitchen, a cool modern bathroom, and a nice view of downtown San Francisco.
Sep 4, 2015
Erick’s Modern Organic Burbank Mix
Name: Erick Millan Location: Burbank, California Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 3 years; Rented When Erick hired me to shoot his home for his new interior design portfolio, I immediately wanted to share it as a house tour because it exemplifies how easy it is to bring beautiful organic style to maximize a modest-sized home. It is his first completed design project and it is very, very special.
Jul 12, 2015
Clashist’s New DTLA Office
Name: Heather Lipner / Clashist Location: Downtown Fashion District; Los Angeles, CA Size: 1,600 square feet Years lived in: Less than a year; Rented Clashist is a fun fashion line that emblazons everyday wear with sentimental pop culture throwbacks. Their t-shirts, leggings, and accessories honor icons like Joan Rivers, Beavis & Butt-head, Bill Murray and so on. Welcome to their new digs in Downtown LA!
Jul 3, 2015
Greg’s Remodeled Live/Work Space
Name: Gregory Keith Metcalf Location: Downtown Arts District; Los Angeles, CA Size: 1,500 square feet Years lived in: Less than a year; Rented Fellow photographer Greg Metcalf and I have been friends for years. A move from the suburbs of Silver Lake to the Arts District of Downtown LA has offered Greg quite a contrast in architecture, neighborhood, and lifestyle. I jumped at the chance to shoot his new place; I love a good loft and this home exemplifies the true meaning of live/work space.
Jun 24, 2015
Tipple & Ramble
When visiting Ojai, you must stop into Tipple & Ramble! This delightful shop occupies the bottom level of a lovely Spanish duplex owned by Sunè Goldsteen. She lives in the unit upstairs and has turned the gorgeous retail space and patio downstairs into a fun place to sip and shop. She hosts wine tastings and snacks on the patio, which will soon be available to reserve for small events.
Jun 19, 2015
deKor & Co.
DeKor & Co is one of Ojai’s newest (and most fabulous) retail stores. Situated in the downtown corridor, it has an amazing vaulted ceilinged space full of vintage and modern furniture and small goodies for the home. Owners Isabelle Dahlin and Rachel Marlowe have gathered the perfect mix of Swedish and American gifts and decorations for the home. They also offer FACE by Stockholm cosmetics and have a beautiful tea bar for fresh beverages.
Jun 11, 2015
Before & After: Eugenia’s Eclectic Colonial Makeover
Eugenia Sangiovanni recently moved into a new home in Montrose, California. With two bedrooms and two baths, a full kitchen, formal living space and den to fill… she had her work cut out for her. She describes her style as “eclectic colonial,” drawing inspiration from Kloof Street House, Cape Town, Backstage Hotel and Zermatt Switzerland. She enlisted the help of her friend Nick LaKind to help bring her inspiration to life.
Jun 6, 2015