Jeff & Joseph’s Silver Lake Bungalow

updated Dec 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Name: Jeffrey Toraichi Eyser (of Flip This Bitch) and Joseph F. Kuntz Jr
Location: Silver Lake; Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,600 square feet
Years lived in: Less than 1 year; Own

Every time Jeff Eyser shares a new project with me, I am always surprised and relieved, because his style remains clever, fun and yet some how extremely functional. Last time I visited he and his husband Joe’s home, it was their two bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. Now a few years later, we see how they’ve evolved into a bigger house in a different neighborhood altogether.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

We’ve already toured two of Jeff and Joe’s past homes together and also many professional design projects he’s done. We saw when he and Alexis Karpf (his Flip This Bitch! business partner) redid his home office, their remodel of the 4th Wall Entertainment office, this incredible weekend makeover of his bosses house, and of course the set of Bad Girls Club which is where they spent many days connecting for television.

I asked Jeff what the most significant thing in their home was, and he said, “The phone booth is still a constant reminder to think outside the box, now I see it every morning when I wake up.” His willingness to think outside of the design box is what brings so much character to their new home. Not only his his new home a graduated step into more long term residency and a place to really grow into, but it’s spacious and thoughtfully planned (even with hints of their wit and sarcasm peppered throughout).

To Jeff, the most essential part of designing a home is to begin by thinking about colors and usage of the rooms. “Just because a chair has been in my bedroom for 5 years doesn’t mean it won’t work in my living room now,” he says. “I like to figure out where pieces are going to get the most use.”

Silver Lake is a much different ‘hood than West Hollywood and a change in architecture can definitely inspire different decorating ideas: “I’ve already noticed myself bring home more plants than usual… we’re definitely becoming more ‘earthy.'”

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: My style has evolved dramatically over the years as I’ve taken on new and exciting projects. Lately we’ve been working with a much more tailored look. Clean lines, clean colors, etc. When we first got the keys to our new home I was excited to give myself that clean modern look, but once I started moving in our eclectic vintage furniture I realized, “I like having all this weird shit around me.” So I’m gonna have to say our new style is something closer to a gastro pub meets a garage sale… but like an elegant gastro pub.

Inspiration: Being a designer I’m inspired by anything and everything, but I’m a firm believer that the space will tell you what it needs. So I guess I’m inspired by this house!

Favorite Element: I LOVE OUR KITCHEN. I love having a lounge area right off the kitchen, and I absolutely love the wood slat wall. I’ve been doing wood slat walls in peoples houses and offices for years and I realized I can finally have one of my own.

Biggest Challenge: Not only did the phone booth make the trip, but in the last few years we’ve acquired a Star Trek pinball machine. So without a doubt the biggest challenge was finding a spot for these two items that didn’t make them look stupid. I settled on the only two places they would fit, and I finally got my phone booth coat closet!

What Friends Say: Friends think the house is awesome. They love the colors and the layout and way it feels grown up, but also still has that whimsy to it.

Biggest Embarrassment: The house has an awesome 600 square foot basement that will one day be a bitchin’ office space for Flip This Bitch, but it’s already filled to the max with chairs, and wall flats, and light fixtures. I’ve turned it into our own little prop house.

Proudest DIY: Well we’ve gotten to the point in our lives where I was able to bring in painters and wallpaperers and carpenters, so I guess the proudest DIY was getting this house to this level of completion in just a few short months. Organization!

Biggest Indulgence: I installed faux grass on our patio courtesy of my friends over at, I love it! Honestly this whole house feels like an indulgence…

Best Advice: Same advice as always, don’t get caught up trying to follow design rules! Decorate your house the way that makes you feel happy!

Dream Sources: I wish I had an unlimited amount of supplies and an unlimited amount of labor to just build me any furniture I can think of… that would be a dream source.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Resources of Note:


  • all paint colors by Jeff Lewis Paint


  • Sofa – Gus
  • Coffee table – Blueprint
  • Media console – IKEA
  • Side table – CB2
  • Rug – CB2
  • Filing cabinets – Vintage
  • Pinball machine – Vintage
  • Table lamp – CB2


  • TABLE – CB2
  • Chairs – Mod Shop
  • Chandelier – Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams


  • Sofa – Design Within Reach
  • Rug – CB2
  • Coffee table – Nelson Bench
  • Media console – Vintage
  • Side tables – CB2
  • Table lamps – Target
  • Pillows – Target
  • Side chair – HD Buttercup


  • BED – West Elm
  • NIGHT STANDS – West Elm
  • DRESSER – West Elm
  • PHONE BOOTH – Vintage


  • Bed – West Elm
  • Nightstands – West Elm
  • Dresser – West Elm
  • Speakers – Vintage


  • Desks – West Elm
  • Chairs – Staples
  • Side chair – Blue Print
  • Shelving – IKEA
  • Minature Desk – Vintage
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Thanks, Jeff & Joseph!

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