38 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

updated Dec 13, 2023
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Having a small bedroom requires a little extra thinking and creativity. You have to consider things like smart bedroom storage solutions, how to arrange a tight space, and how to determine what deserves a prominent spot in the room. But, there are plenty of ways to unlock your personal style when planning a bedroom makeover — no matter how small that bedroom may be.

These small bedroom ideas for decorating, organizing, and furnishing your space will help you maximize each and every corner. With these 38 ideas we’ve curated for decorating and creating storage opportunities, we just might convince you that bigger isn’t always better.

Credit: Minette Hand

Tips for Designing a Small Bedroom

When it comes to decorating small bedrooms, Kyi Gyaw of New York-based Kyi Gyaw Interiors suggests first deciding on the overall tone of the space: quiet and neutral or loud and maximalist. For the latter, she advises committing to a specific color palette and theme for a more cohesive feel. “The most important thing is to create a space that feels comfortable to you,” Gyaw notes, while sharing a few additional tips below.

  • Be intentional about shopping for and curating the items in your bedroom.
  • Look for double-duty furniture with built-in storage, and “make the shape fun so it’s a conversation piece,” adds Gyaw, like this stylish side table from House & Hold
  • Take advantage of mirrors. “Mirrors expand the space and, if you get a sculptural one, it becomes an art piece,” she says.
  • If you have the budget, Gyaw recommends investing in custom built-in storage, such as a bookcase surrounding your bed. 
  • Turn artwork into a “a built-in medicine cabinet,” per Gyaw, by DIYing a picture frame “to add some depth to the back so you can store small items in there.”
  • Browse home brands dedicated to small-space-friendly furniture.

Small Bedroom Storage

It’s no surprise that storage solutions are key in any small bedroom (particularly in bedrooms with no closets), but here’s how to fully (and creatively!) maximize your sleep space for a more clutter-free, organized environment.

1. Keep the closet (extremely) organized.

An organized closet will not only make your tiny room more functional but also keep it looking tidier. This tip is essential for those without a door over their closet because you can’t hide the clutter when everything’s on public display. We love the clean look of the closet in this small Parisian apartment.

Credit: Nina

2. Store from floor to ceiling.

When you have minimal space, you want to take advantage of every centimeter. As this small bedroom before and after demonstrates, using the vertical space in a room is a smart way to add storage while not piling onto the floor of the room.

3. Utilize below-the-bed storage.

There’s no better place to store extra belongings than below your bed — because it’s already taking up a lot of floor space, it just makes sense. Some options? Choose a bed with built-in storage, use wooden storage crates, design your own drawers, use pretty baskets, or try a set of bed risers to corral clutter. 

4. Get creative with foot-of-the-bed storage.

Don’t limit yourself to plastic containers and closet storage cubes when there are so many types of storage available — particularly decorative pieces that you can leave out in plain view. Try an end-of-bed trunk or storage bench. You’ll be able to find one that suits your decor perfectly, as seen in this Dutch home.

Find one with a tiny footprint, and you’re all set. This area can also double as a spot to set out your clothes for the next day or even put on your shoes.

Credit: Liz Clayman

5. Lean into narrow storage cabinets.

There are plenty of cute storage options for filling awkward spots and tight spaces in your home. The narrow cabinets in this New York bedroom prove how storage pieces painted in the same color as your walls can recede visually, making your space look airy without sacrificing precious storage opportunities.

Credit: Joe Tighe

6. Add floating shelves.

Turn even the tightest bedroom corner into a streamlined storage display with nothing more than a few wall-mounted floating shelves.

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7. Consider hanging racks.

Hanging garment racks are a clever small-bedroom idea to score more closet storage (or create a closet out of nowhere) without taking up an inch of floor space. A dresser underneath creates the perfect dressing area.

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Credit: Minette Hand

8. Get creative with shelving.

When every bit of wall space counts, why not try shelving that doubles as art as a small-bedroom idea? A cool hanging shelf allows you to store (and show off) your favorite trinkets and display your beloved baubles, and won’t take up an inch of floor space.

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9. Don’t overlook the foot of your bed.

Putting a storage bench, baskets, or even crates at the foot of your bed is a smart way to squeeze in more of whatever you need. This typically only takes up about a foot of space, but the payoff is invaluable.

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10. Create vertical storage.

Ask any small-space dweller how they pack in more storage room in their tiny apartments and they’ll say the same thing: Think vertically. Whether with wall-mounted shelves or suspended lights, you can always build up when you run out of eye-level storage room, like in this Chicago bedroom.

Credit: Sandra Rojo

11. Opt for a leaning ladder.

There is a part of this bedroom that’s perfect to borrow inspiration from for a far tighter space: a slim leaning ladder. These clever pieces allow you to hang up your purses and scarves (and other accessories) in style — no hammer and nails necessary.

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Small Beds

Sometimes the biggest challenge when it comes to small bedroom ideas is where (and how!) to put the bed. Rethink your sleeping quarters with one of these non-traditional beds, which can be perfect solutions for small spaces.

12. Try a trundle.

In the market for a small-space-approved bed style? If you anticipate having more than one guest stay the night at some point, a daybed with a trundle underneath will prevent your besties from having to sleep on the floor. We promise they’ll thank you for that!

13. Consider a modern Murphy bed.

Forget everything you knew about a Murphy bed. A foldout bed frame — like this one in Daniel’s NYC studio — is a clever way to conceal bulky furniture in your tiny apartment space.

14. Don’t think daybeds are just for kids.

If you thought daybeds were just for kids, then think again. Along with offering a more compact bed frame, some versions come with built-in drawers for more storage. They’re also great for doubling as a sofa.

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15. An alcove bed makes a sleeping space out of any nook.

This rustic alcove bed by @atlantabartlett is maximum style with minimal space. The addition of farmhouse-style doors allows for a bit of privacy when needed.  

16. Bunk beds allow you to double up on sleeping space.

Keep it simple or design your own elaborate model, like this kid’s room by @augustjane.interiors. Either way, bunk beds make great small bedroom ideas since they allow you to house two people in the space of one bed (for the most part). You’ll need to ensure your room has enough vertical space to pull this off, though.  

Small Bedroom Furniture

One of the biggest small-bedroom design challenges is making sure that it doesn’t feel overly cramped, and that starts with devising a functional, space-saving furniture scheme. Check out a few smart styling options for beds, nightstands, and even desks if the room doubles as your home office. 

17. Minimize the side table.

Sometimes, small spaces require you to make sacrifices. And that’s fine, but a nightstand is a must for most people. No room beside the bed? Try this brilliant solution: turn the nightstand to face the wall opposite the bed. If your room is small enough, you’ll still be able to reach your nightstand, but you’ll spare yourself the drama of trying to cram one into a tight space. 

18. Go with a ghost chair.

The greatest thing about ghost chairs — aka clear acrylic ones — is that, visually, they’re so light that you barely see them (i.e., less visual clutter). Not only are they super stylish, but they also won’t further cramp up your tiny bedroom, either.

19. Install a swing-arm sconce or two.

If you’ve been looking for a stylish way to bring more lighting into your cramped bedroom (without taking up too much space), consider swing-arm wall sconces. Not only are they much less bulky than most table lamps and pendants, but these wall-mounted wonders are also designed with adjustable arms for a more space-savvy lighting solution.

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20. Use a floating desk.

Who says you need a big bedroom to create your own workspace? A wall-mounted shelf beautifully doubles as a personal desk in this Chicago space and mounts directly to your wall for added efficiency.

Credit: Minette Hand

21. Try nesting tables instead of nightstands.

Place a pair of nesting tables next to your bed instead of a traditional nightstand — as seen in this small New York studio — and you can instantly create more storage room for when you might need it without bringing in more furniture to do the job. Plus, bonus points, you can use the empty space underneath the tables for even more storage in baskets or crates.

22. Incorporate hanging lights.

Looking for a stylish way to bring more lighting into your bedroom without further cramping the space? A pendant light (or any hanging light, for that matter) instantly brightens up a room and doesn’t require an inch of table or floor space.

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23. Devise a desk vanity.

Dealing with a dreaded small-space double whammy (i.e., a tiny bedroom and bathroom)? Turn a super slim desk setup in your bedroom into a vanity with nothing more than a wall mirror, like in this South Carolina bedroom.

24. Make it happen with a side table.

Sometimes all you need next to your bed is a small table to hold a glass of water and your alarm/cellphone. A thin pedestal table is perfect for placing bedside miscellaneous items without adding more clutter in a room with larger furnishings, like in this Austin bungalow.

Small Bedroom Decor

While minimalism and small bedrooms often go hand-in-hand, if you prefer maximalism in all its glory, colorful, patterned styles can work in small spaces, too. Get inspired by the below decor ideas that cater to any design preference.

25. Make a focal point.

When you can view the entire contents of your room in a single glance, it may seem underwhelming — unless you create a gorgeous focal point to draw the eye in. A gorgeous space like the bedroom wall in this Los Angeles apartment will leave people with so much to look at that they won’t even notice how small the actual room is.

Credit: Jessica Rapp

26. Hang art high to trick the eye.

Some of the best small-bedroom ideas are using design tricks to make your space seem larger. If you’re planning on hanging art or other things on your walls, try hanging them higher than usual — close to the ceiling, even — to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a larger space. 

27. Separate space with an accent wall.

Even if you’re occupying a studio, like this adorable one in the Bronx, you can make the most of your space. A little bit of paint, in the form of an accent wall behind your bed, not only adds a burst of color, but it also provides a strategic, visual separation between your sleeping space and living area.

Credit: Srishti Jain

28. Play with proportions.

Layering a simple bed frame on top of an oversized rug can instantly amplify your space and make it appear larger. Take this San Francisco bedroom, for example, and picture it with a lavish headboard or an upholstered bed frame. You can imagine how much more cramped the space would feel if it didn’t have simple furniture with streamlined silhouettes.

29. Layer your art.

If you’re an art-lover but lack the space to show off your treasured works in your bedroom, a shelf or nightstand layered with framed art can make a big impact without wasting any space.

30. Accessorize away.

When you don’t have the room for large-scale bedroom furnishings, consider going big with your decor (think: bold throw pillows, colorful art, and layered textiles).

31. Bring in some houseplants.

You don’t always need two nightstands — especially if you’re sleeping alone. Instead, just add plants. It’ll bring fast style to your bedroom without the need for a bulky piece of furniture, and it will help clean your air, too. Win-win!

Credit: Anna Spaller

32. Open up with bare white walls.

You can always count on clean white walls to really brighten and open up a cramped bedroom (particularly one that gets good natural light).

33. Make a Murphy bed chic.

Long gone are the days of basic Murphy beds. You can easily make one of these fold-out beds your own by treating the bed’s framework like a regular wall. Add artwork, paint it, or drape textiles behind your bed, as seen in this California studio.

Small Bedroom Layout

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, first and foremost, it’s important to remember that the layout is everything. Once you have your furniture placement down, you can start pulling pieces you really like — soft bed linens, soothing accents, and even artwork.

Credit: Caitlin Tateishi

34. Use mirrors to give the illusion of added space.

This popular design trick can totally work in your sleeping space, and is one of our favorite small-bedroom layout ideas. Plus, a large and well-placed mirror will help filter extra light into your bedroom. A real win-win in our opinion!

35. Work a room divider.

Don’t technically have a separate bedroom? A bookcase that doubles as a room divider can work wonders for a cramped studio. It’ll designate your sleeping space, but also the area between your books and decor is enough to let light stream in.

Credit: Julia Steele

36. Ditch your dresser.

If you don’t have room for a full-sized dresser, utilize a short, narrow chest of drawers for clothing storage instead. Placed next to your bedside, it also doubles as a convenient nightstand tabletop.

37. Conjoin bedroom furniture.

Conserve square footage by lining up similarly sized pieces of furniture — especially along the foot of your bed. It’s a convenient spot that you’re probably overlooking anyway, but consider this prime positioning for a desk, dresser, or storage bench.

38. Use corners to your advantage.

For beds that touch two (or more!) walls, convert surrounding unused corner space into vertical storage that frames your sleep area. It’s technically a Murphy bed pictured here, but the surrounding hutch carves out more high-reaching shelving opportunities, paired with a few standalone ledges hung perpendicularly at the same level.