11 Creative Bedroom Mirror Ideas for Brightening and Maximizing Your Space

published May 24, 2023
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Looking for an easy design update that can instantly make your small bedroom feel larger, brighter, and more functional, regardless of its size? Mirrors are the answer. You’d be surprised at the number of different ways you can hang and display mirrors to efficiently maximize space and introduce a stylish note to even the smallest of rooms.

Best of all, you don’t need a ton of square footage to replicate the below mirror tips, whether you’re interested in adding a minimalist full-length fixture to an awkward, empty corner or an ornate-looking gilded design opposite the nearest window. Get inspired by these eleven creative bedroom mirror ideas, which will turn the blank walls near your bed, dresser, or nightstands into instant, light-reflecting focal points.

Credit: Julia Arceri

1. Matching Bedside Mirrors

This European-inspired Houston home uses two full-length mirrors in a somewhat unconventional spot: right above the nightstands, where you’d normally find small pieces of art or sconces. Flanking both sides of the bed, this unique, symmetrical look helps create an illusion of height in the bedroom, while the mirrors themselves double as decorative touches that beam incoming light around the space to brighten it up.

2. A Small Monochromatic Mirror

Painted in Behr’s English Channel (PPU14-19), this compact oval mirror’s frame matches the bedroom walls in this New Orleans shotgun-style home. This small-but-mighty decor element blends into the space while adding a bit of subtle visual interest and drawing in more light — at least, when the curtains are open during the day.

3. A Bed-Adjacent Mirror Wall

This 450-square-foot Chicago condo capitalizes on blank wall space with mirrored paneling in its compact bedroom nook. Placing two large, unframed mirrors side-by-side here creates the illusion of a larger, less cramped area. 

Credit: Tessa Cooper

4. A Fireplace Mirror Vignette

Shelby Vanhoy, who runs the blog and Instagram account Pretty in the Pines, designed her family’s 1930s Manhattan apartment with a traditional, Parisian flair. In her bedroom, that includes a faux fireplace surround topped with an arched black mirror from Shades of Light. This prominent but minimal piece adds depth and a touch of modernism to the space so it doesn’t feel fully stuck in the past. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

5. A Foot-of-the-Bed Placement

Small bedroom dwellers, take a cue from this candle maker and content creator’s pastel-filled Toronto apartment, where a large vintage mirror is positioned horizontally on the wall directly opposite the bed. With this placement, the piece accents the cheetah print wallpaper from Love vs. Design and bounces the natural light coming in from the window all around the space. A bonus? These extra “rays” are perfect for this renter’s plant collection, too! 

6. An Ornate Full-Length Mirror

In one of her former Brooklyn apartments, Mallory Fletchall, known for her Instagram account Reserve Home, placed a brass standing mirror from Ballard Designs against a blank bedroom wall. Not only does this design move add an antique-looking, old-world touch to her otherwise modern space, but it’s also proof that you don’t need a ton of furniture clearance to take advantage of an oversized mirror. Even though the bed partially obstructs the reflection here, the styling still feels intentional. 

7. Mirror-Over-Wallpaper Layering

This Houston-based homeowner created a patterned gray accent wall in her daughter’s bedroom using moody floral wallpaper from Anthropologie. Then she topped off the look with matching round mirrors on either side of the bed. Both of these lighten up the space and break up the somewhat busy floral print. 

8. A Maximalist DIY Mirror

Sometimes you can use a mirror to make a major design statement in an otherwise serene sleep space. Take this New York City loft, for example, where a seashell-adorned, floor-length design packs plenty of personality into this simple, hotel-inspired bedroom. Renter Michelle Pham, who grew up in a coastal city with a love for the ocean, bought a $50 mirror secondhand from Facebook Marketplace then adorned it with a melange of shells sourced from family members and a few Florida-based Etsy sellers. 

9. A Dresser Mirror

Propping a mirror on top of a dresser is nothing revolutionary, but the proportions work especially well here, as seen in this south Australian home (formerly a church!). A taller mirror model elongates and unifies the whole look, which is perfect for small bedroom layouts that demand a particularly compact, narrow dresser or chest of drawers. 

10. An Above-the-Bed Accent

In this maximalist Fort Worth, Texas, home that’s inspired by designers Jonathan Adler and Justina Blakeney, a rectangular mirror hung above the bed functions as a focal point. Even though the mirror takes center stage in this prominent spot, it doesn’t detract from the surrounding vibrant decor at all, thanks to its simple gold metal frame. 

11. High-Contrast Mirror Styling

Content creator Imani Keal opted to paint a third of her 490-square-foot Washington, D.C. studio black. Yes, she knows this decision’s bold, but she strategically incorporated mirrors throughout the design scheme to balance out the darkness of this hue. That includes the simple round style you see hung next to her bed, as well as a full-length mirror in the background beside the closet area.