24 Breathtakingly Beautiful Pastel Bedrooms

updated Jun 2, 2022
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Credit: Lula Poggi

Move over, neutrals: We’ve got a new favorite color scheme when it comes to bedroom decor. Pastel bedrooms are making a major comeback, demonstrating that these cheerful hues are for way more than just the nursery. Pastel colors are simple to incorporate and blend in well with wooden tones and white furniture alike. They also make for an extremely soothing setup, which is key when designing a sleep space.

Whether you’re feeling light green, blue, pink, or something else entirely (after all, don’t underestimate the stylish power of peach!), we have plenty of inspiration for you to decorate your own pastel bedroom. Introduce this color scheme gradually in the form of artwork or bedding, or make a major splash with an accent wall, sofa, or a pop of color on the ceiling. No matter if your style leans classic or contemporary, chinoiserie or boho, there’s room for a dose of pastel in your space.

Does your home feature a pastel bedroom of its own? We’d love to hear how you’ve most successfully incorporated these delightful hues in your home—and hear which of the above spaces most closely represents yours.

1. Layer different pastels.

This peaceful, cozy room by@chloevictoriauk is anything but child-like. She’s combined purple and green bedding with neutral ivory throw pillows for a contrasting look that totally works, then completed the look with coordinating florals by the bedside. 

2. Play around with painted designs.

Mint green and light pink work in tandem in this peaceful pastel room by @elixirinteriordesign. Painting a small design or even an accent wall in a pastel color is a great way to add visual interest without overpowering the space with a deeper, bolder color. 

Credit: @adoseofadry

3. Paint a pastel-hued ombre wall.

In much the same way as a painted design, a pastel-hued ombre wall makes a soothing, peaceful backdrop that doesn’t feel too heavy or overpowering, especially for a smaller room. The one shown here by @adoseofadry fades from teal to light pink for a beautiful, tropical vibe.

Credit: @soyuhari

4. Incorporate different shades of the same color.

This funky, purple bedroom by @soyuhari certainly checks the box for a pastel bedroom! We love how she’s incorporated several different shades of purple for a look that’s anything but boring.

5. Lighten it up with a pastel ceiling.

A stately, medium-green-hued room by @harleyhousebythesea is lightened up dramatically by a playful yet elegant pink ceiling. A fun way to design a pastel bedroom that still looks totally suitable for adults is to paint the ceiling with a very light, understated pastel color. Try this light pink, or opt for a subtle blue that makes every glance upward feel like you’re staring at a blue sky. 

Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

6. Paint your walls in a pastel hue

What better place to start than with a fresh coat of paint? This barely-there pastel in an Australian home shines with art pieces in complementary hues.

7. Pick pastel bed linens

There’s no rule specifying that bedding must be a crisp white, yet colorful sheets are sadly kind of rare! In another Australian home, pink linens add instant charm and personality to an otherwise neutral bedroom, adding just a hint of color.

Credit: Lula Poggi

8. Combine pastel bed linens and pastel wall paint

If you want to take things a step further, opt for darling pink linens and then paint an accent wall in a corresponding pastel hue. We often associate light pinks and blues with children’s spaces, but as this Barcelona apartment shows, pastel bedrooms can totally be for adults,  too.

Credit: Viv Yapp

9. For a soothing bedroom, pick pastel blue

Pastel blues will work wonders in making your bedroom resemble a spa-like retreat. Get the full soothing effect by ditching clutter and keeping furniture and accessories simple, as seen in this Hong Kong home.

10. Don’t be afraid to use neutrals.

You might not think of beige as a must-use color, but this image is inspirational. An intricate chandelier and beautiful wall art over the bed keeps this LA room looking sophisticated and simple, but not boring. And the beige hues keep this pastel bedroom feeling calm and clean.

11. Partner pastel colors with more saturated shades

There’s no need to stick to pastels across the board when decorating your bedroom if you’re worried about pastel colors feeling too subtle; it’s completely fine to mix them with bolder hues as exemplified by this San Francisco bedroom. Rich colors like deep greens and shiny golds can still be incorporated into a pastel bedroom if used sparingly.

12. Try a color like peach.

Need a pastel that’s both soothing and energizing? Peach is perfect. We often see this cheerful color in bathrooms and kitchens, but it can look charming as part of a pastel bedroom, too. This LA loft shows how it’s done.

13. Paint just one pastel accent wall

As we mentioned above, accent walls are always an excellent way to work color into a space without going overboard. The pastel wall in this Montreal apartment immediately captures the attention but doesn’t overwhelm the space. It looks gorgeous with the mid-century wood credenza’s finish, too.

14. Pair pastel colors with shades of gray.

If you’re worried about a pastel bedroom looking too youthful, you can always pair soft blues or pinks with a color like gray to bring some drama to a space, as seen in this Canadian home. The end result looks Parisian and chic!

15. Paint a pastel arch for just a hint of color

We love a good painted arch, and the idea of using one to create a faux headboard, as seen in this Santa Barbara home, is genius! Pick the pastel color of your choosing, grab some painting supplies, and revamp your space in just an afternoon.

16. Pair pastel with naturally light wood accents

Pastels pair well with light wooden pieces and the combo evokes a sweet boho look. This bedroom in the Netherlands looks like the perfect place to curl up for a long afternoon nap.

Credit: Minette Hand

17. Play around with purple pastels

Purple doesn’t make an appearance in bedrooms super often, but when it does, it shines! This Charleston apartment does an excellent job of pairing purple with soothing blues and whites to create a serene sleep space.

Credit: Viv Yapp

18. Set the tone with pastel art

If you can’t paint or just want to experiment with a pastel color scheme before committing to a major revamp, set the tone with artwork. Abstract pieces, like the one seen in this UK bedroom, are an easy way to introduce new hues with little commitment.

Credit: Lana Kenney

19. Frame a pastel wall color for a DIY headboard

No need to buy a headboard when you can DIY one with paint! A pastel blue stencil in this Cape Town home almost looks like the real thing. And the pastel color combination gives the room a sophisticated feel.

20. Opt for an off-center accent color

No headboard? No problem. Let a large pastel accessory such as a mirror or bench do the talking, as illustrated in the Brooklyn bedroom above. This is another tactic well-suited to those who are just beginning to experiment with a new color scheme, as it’s not permanent! But you can see how even just a pop of pastel can add interest to a room.

21. Bring pastel colors in with wallpaper

Attention, chinoiserie lovers: Classic panels and wallpaper are chock full of pastel colors and are the perfect option for the traditionalist. The whimsical wallpaper in this Portland home features a variety of pastel shades and would also look stunning in a powder room.

Credit: Viv Yapp

22. Pick pastel furniture for a delightful bedroom addition

Now is your chance to justify that pink sofa you’ve been eyeing for years. Pastel furniture may be seen as a bold choice to some, but this UK home proves that a colorful choice can complement existing pieces quite seamlessly. It’s the perfect way to create a pastel bedroom that’s beautifully balanced. 

23. Or add just a touch of pastel at the end of the bed

If you’re looking for less of a commitment or are dealing with limited space, pastel ottomans are an easy way to add a touch of color to a space, like in this Maine home. Bonus points if you find ones with built-in storage to optimize a small space.

Credit: Lula Poggi

24. Soften dark colors with pastels

Just because your bedroom features a deep wall color, as seen in this California home, doesn’t mean you need to abandon your plans to introduce pastel accents. The right hues can look absolutely charming paired with darker shades.