These 25 Pastel Rooms Prove You Can Incorporate Happy Hues Anywhere in Your Home

updated May 27, 2022
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Decorating with pastels isn’t just for children’s rooms and springtime gardens. Lately, pastel decor has been popping up in all areas of the house, all year long—adult rooms included. Not feeling plain white cabinets in the kitchen? Opt for a baby blue instead. Need to add some pep to a living room? Introduce a cheery light pink sofa to the mix. Below you’ll find 25 of our favorite pastel spaces, all of which demonstrate how simple it can be to add these sweet shades to your home.

Credit: @brittyflynn

1. Turn your bedroom into a pastel oasis.

The bedroom is the most important space in the home for finding rest, and utilizing a blend of soft, soothing pastels will turn it into a sanctuary. We love how artist Britty Flynn mixed calming hues in her bedding with fun patterns on the floor and walls to bring some visual interest to the space. 

2. Find inspiration from the outside world.

Designer Maryline Damour of Damour Drake elevated a downstairs bedroom into a beautiful wellness space inspired by biophilic design. Instead of opting for neutral colors, she leaned into nature’s color palette to create a room that’s both restorative and energizing when needed. 

3. Discover a statement piece. 

We’re loving this vintage-filled German home that’s all about the pastels. The chic living room features an inviting lavender sofa that anchors the room and brings an element of softness to the space. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

4. Take to the stairs.

Candle maker Luna Lindsay gave her Toronto rental a pastel-powered makeover involving every square inch, including the stairwell. Now, a space that is often considered an afterthought is a pleasant surprise that can spark joy for Lindsay and her loved ones. 

5. Bring in some elegant materials for a touch of bygone glamor.

blogger Katerina Seigel created an ultra-stylish dining room in her Philadelphia apartment that manages to feel both grown-up and youthful, thanks to a pop of pastel pink. 

6. Add cheer to cabinetry.

Who says cabins can’t be colorful? This vacation getaway in New York’s Hudson Valley boasts a cheery kitchen with cabinets painted in a darling pastel blue. Black-and-white patterned floor tiles add an extra dose of intrigue and also ground the space, helping to make the full mix look modern and fresh.

7. Let lavender walls keep your bedroom chill.

Bedrooms don’t have to be outfitted in classic neutrals to feel soothing. This artist’s home in California features a soft lilac wall that, when paired with matching textiles and accessories, adds the right amount of colorful flair to this simple sleep space.

8. Add pep to your prep space

This Atlanta home features a bright pink front door and then goes on to only get more This Atlanta home features a bright pink front door and only gets more whimsical as you move through the home. This is best exemplified by the sunny kitchen. Even the most reluctant of cooks would feel right at home in this zingy space that features a pastel blue microwave, pink fridge, and other pastel serving pieces on open shelving. 

9. Get creative with tile.

We’re also swooning over this retro pastel kitchen in blogger Lindsey Bonnice’s home. Whether you choose to get colorful with tiles, cabinetry or wall paint, appliances, accessories—or in this case, all of the above, there are plenty of ways to introduce happy hues into your cooking space. Classic white subway tile will always help you balance out any pastel shades you gravitate towards for these other items and features.

10. Mix and match with wood tones.

Don’t forget about those antique pieces either! This sophisticated living room, designed by Rivers Spencer, proves that wooden furniture and pastels can play together quite well. Mixing darker, warm woodsy pieces with cool, soft hues has never looked so good.

11. Keep it simple.

.This room is proof Blogger Geraldine Tan’s home is full of colorful moments like this one. This room is proof that one doesn’t need an entire gallery wall or tons of accessories to curate a welcoming living space. Instead, just let a few key pieces do the talking, as is the case with Tan’s mint sofa and pink sculptural vase combo.

Credit: Carolyn Loub

12. Add a pastel print.

Wicker, faux bamboo, and a beautiful baby blue paint color—what’s not to love about this happy dresser vignette? Blogger and decorator Carolyn Loub finished off the look with an abstract pastel print that is bound to spark smiles. This piece also has colors in common with the rug below it, which also helps to create a nice eye path around the setup.

Credit: Carla Hayden

13. Try an accent wall.

Blogger Carla Bethany Hayden’s space features the perfect mix of bold accents in the form of amazing brass mushroom lamps and a saturated velvet headboard and softer touches at the end of her end of bed bench and in an intricate yet muted rug. The pastel accent wall anchors the bed and also echoes shades in the bench and area rug, creating a cohesive color scheme for the whole space.

14. Veer from the expected.

You may picture a country cottage filled with rustic furniture and earthy neutrals galore, but it’s more than okay to take an alternative decorating approach to this kind of space. Case in point: This lovely English home, which is filled with bright, sunny pastel pieces that surely make its owners smile. Two pastel yellow couches look like the perfect place to kick back with a good book or a cocktail.

15. Spruce up a simple corner.

A cozy chaise and a little pink pouf are an inviting recipe for pastel perfection. Content creator Rachel Lovell demonstrates that it’s easy to deck out a small nook or corner. Just add some cheerful yet petite furniture, a cozy throw, and, of course, a few plant babies!

Credit: Ashton Williams

16. Brighten up your bedding.

A converted school in Columbus, Ohio, already makes for a unique place to call home, but pastel bedding and wall accents add even more intrigue to this storied space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different hues within the pastel family—light pinks, yellows, and greens can all complement one another wonderfully. If you were ever worried about pastels not being able to hang with edgier items, such as this gray shag rug, now you can also see how versatile pastels can really be. If anything, darker hues and contrasting textures only add balance to a setup.

Credit: Julia Dzafic

17. Let your home office shine.

One may picture a home office to be decorated with traditional wood furniture and tall bookcases, but if that isn’t your style, you do you. Blogger Julia Dzafic created a pretty pastel workspace filled with sweet and simple accents. A plush pink chair makes for an ideal reading spot, while spotted curtains add just the right amount of pattern and pizazz to a room that’s otherwise full of solid colors.

18. Introduce a pink sofa.

If you want to go bold, bring on a pastel pink couch! This LA abode is the bachelorette pad of dreams are made of, and it looks like the perfect space to host friends for a movie night or cocktails. This room proves that even if you can’t paint the walls, the right furniture and accent pieces will work wonders in terms of adding color to a space.

Credit: Ariel Garneau

19. Add a pop of purple.

How’s this for a vibrant kid’s room? Blogger Ariel Garneau’s home is filled with pops of pastel, and her daughter’s nursery is no exception.The best part of the playful space? The dazzling lilac dresser which was customized further with fun bow-shaped gold knobs.

Credit: Erin Derby

20. Design a soothing getaway.

A cozy apartment in New York City is filled with Parisian glamor, thanks to ornate carved mirrors, tufted chairs, and dramatic drapes in matching pastel pink. Keeping clutter and wall art to a minimum ensures that the furniture pieces will truly shine and also allows the space to serve as a restful retreat from the surrounding hustle and bustle.

Credit: Lula Poggi

21. Get creative with paint.

Though the rest of this Barcelona home is decorated in sophisticated neutrals, pops of lilac keep this kid-only area feeling young and fresh. A lighter colored accent wall by the window anchors the space.

Credit: Bari Ackerman

22. Have fun with pastel florals.

Artist Bari Ackerman’s living room is giving me major boho vibes. She effortlessly mixes pastel floral prints and bold leopard accents within a singular area, while gold accent pieces placed throughout the room keep the space feeling warm and welcoming, despite all the somewhat sleek glass windows.

23. Double down on whimsical wallpaper.

Fun wallpaper and vibrant bedding transformed a previously bland bedroom in this LA home into a chic, candy-colored sleep space. Installing a removable wall covering in a favorite pastel hue is an easy way to brighten up any room of the house in just an afternoon’s time. If you tire of the color or pattern, you can always change it up later without much effort.

Credit: Rebecca Lynn

24. Get playful with seating.

Content creator Rebecca Lynn‘s dining area makes mismatched seating look wonderful. Grouping together like chairs—with each painted in a different shade—is an easy way to introduce various pastels to a space. Plus, you can easily replicate the look on a budget, whether you choose to revamp your existing dining set or give new life to a cheap set of wooden thrift store seats.

Credit: Tara Fingold

25. Design a vibrant vanity setup.

Luxe looking bathrooms aren’t just about employing marble to create elegance. Why not introduce a pastel purple element to shake things up? We sure wouldn’t mind getting ready for the day in this space designed by Tara Fingold. Brass drawer pulls and geometric mirrors keep the overall aesthetic modern and extra glam.