10 Design Ideas to Steal from Your Kid’s Room

published Aug 22, 2018
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(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Letting kids help design their own sleeping space is a solid parenting strategy. Their decor decisions can be dicey—how many fairy lights does one room need, honestly?—but good things happen, too. Your kid’s room may open your eyes to the glories of maximalism, or teach you that over-the-top bold colors actually work with your home’s architecture.

And if your kid isn’t old enough to make decor demands, you’ll find there’s still a lot to learn when pulling together their nursery or bedroom: That curtains can cover up your mess, or that a geometric accent wall centers the space.

Steal these 10 kid’s room ideas for your next decor remodel.

1. A Single Piece Can Make a Statement

(Image credit: Simone Duckworth)

Outfitting a room to the nines says something about you: that you’re bold and daring and willing to take risks. But displaying one perfect piece also makes a statement. Jasper, a seven-year-old from Australia, proves this is true with his minimal, beachy space. A Batman mask hung above his bed says everything you need to know about this spunky boy.

2. Bright Colors Refresh Dated Spaces

(Image credit: sarita relisphotography)

If your home is cursed with dated, ’70s-style wood paneling, there are options beyond “paint” or “demolish.” This contemporary California abode turns wooden walls into an asset by mimicking the planks’ slanted installation with bright neon stripes. Cheerful colors instantly make a space feel fresh—even if the architecture decidedly isn’t.

3. Your Ceiling Deserves Decoration, Too

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Want to add dimension to your living space? Look up. Your ceiling is an important canvas, and one that’s often ignored. Most of us stop at pendant lighting, but this Australian girl’s room (located in a renovated shed) proves there’s so much more that can be transformed. Hang bunting to make a tall ceiling feel cozy, or add funky colors to the molding or ceiling.

4. There’s Beauty in a Deep Palette

(Image credit: Lauren Zerbey)

Dark walls may feel dreary, but this adorable Seattle nursery makes deep blue feel bright. The secret? A geometric neon rug, a playful red chevron curtain, and lots and lots of natural light. The resulting room manages to feel minimal, dramatic—and inviting. Not a fan of blue? This combination works for any darker shade.

5. Maximalism Can be a Must-Do

(Image credit: Michelle Belsky)

Shiny teal shelving, patterned wallpaper, and a half-dozen colorful dolls—oh, and did we mention the teal door?—it may seem like a lot, but the look feels cohesive. You can tell this girls’ room was designed by an artist because all the colors fit, despite being so disparate. Copy this look in your own home by filling a space with every color and tchotchke imaginable… and then paring down the collection until it feels perfect.

6. Curtains Can Fix Anything

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Do you have an awkward, open-air closet you’d love to hide? Installing doors can be a pain—but hanging curtains may be your salvation. In this relaxed Los Angeles home, an IKEA curtain keeps any ugly clutter out of sight. While the bright, playful blue pattern works perfectly for a nursery, this hack works just as well with a neutral canvas.

7. The Right Wallpaper Ties Together a Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re wishy-washy on wallpaper, take a peek at this mid-century modern kids’ room and you might just find yourself convinced. This tree-patterned wallpaper balances out the dark walls and provides the perfect contrast to the black flooring and wood dresser. The deep golden-yellow from the wallpaper is integrated throughout the space in fun pillows and artwork.

8. A Well-Done Accent Wall Stands by Itself

(Image credit: Matt McElligott)

Accent walls are well-suited for gallery walls—but they also stand beautifully on their own. Sure, a stunning patterned wallpaper can do the trick. But a clever linear or geometric design really draws the eye. This cozy Texas nursery includes an irregular, chevron-inspired pattern that’s gorgeous enough to go without artwork.

9. Light Can be Decor

(Image credit: Natalie Jeffcott)

Obviously, lights contribute dramatically to a room’s decor: Not only do they provide, well, light, but the way they’re designed and the materials used can affect the feel of a space. And sometimes, as seen in this eclectic Melbourne home with bright neon lights, the light itself is decor. While grown-ups may not want to decorate with unicorns (or maybe they do—we’re not judging), they can get a similar effect with Vegas-style signs.

10. Use Your Floor Space Wisely

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Empty floor space can feel like a waste, especially if it’s tucked in a corner. If no furniture quite fits, consider throwing down boho-style poufs. Not only do these add a dash of colorful funk, like in this playful nursery, but they provide extra seating—or a place for a quick afternoon nap.