Boho Living Room Ideas to Create a Sense of Laid-Back Luxury

updated May 17, 2022
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Credit: Lilly Garcia

If the trendy Scandinavian and Grandmillennial interiors don’t speak to your style, it might be time to lean into your bohemian side. Stepping aside from clean lines, neutral palettes, and pastels opens up a whole new set of doors that will allow you to explore and express your design personality to the fullest. Starting with a bohemian-inspired living room is a great place to explore this aesthetic, as the living room is one of the most energizing places in the home to gather loved ones, unplug from the workday, read an inspiring new book, or practice a favorite hobby.

Even so, bohemian rooms can still fall prey to looking the same if you’re pulling from the same shops and design formulas of other influencers or designers. Thankfully, it won’t take much to make your living room a one-of-a-kind space after hunting for unique furniture, discovering art that speaks to you, and  finding decorative accents from travels—or from places you’ve always dreamed of traveling to. The following boho-insipred living rooms will help spark your inner designer to create a space that feels uniquely you while offering some important pointers along the way. 

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Credit: Jungalow

1. Bring the outdoors in.

Whether you’re a proud plant parent or have a brown thumb, part of achieving a boho aesthetic is finding inspiration from the great outdoors. Thankfully, you don’t need horticultural skills to enjoy the fruits of this palm print wallpaper from The Jungalow

Credit: @restyleart

2. Layer with patterned rugs.

The walls aren’t the only place that can use some color. Take to the floor and adorn it with a gorgeous patterned rug, as shown here by @restyleart. Not only does this rug look beautiful, but it makes the living room feel that much cozier.  

Credit: @fabriksen

3. Utilize a library for color and texture.

Consider yourself a minimalist? There’s still plenty of ways to incorporate the boho look in a way that feels true to your style. For instance, @fabrisken’s brilliant library wall brings some tasteful pops of color (and plants!) while still looking clean and bright. 

4. Take to the walls.

Art lovers, this one’s for you. A living room is the perfect place to showcase your design personality, so get those prints framed and adorn those walls! We love how @colourmadetheroom designed her gallery wall and also used wainscoting as a shelf for displaying some collected treasures.

5. Hunt for vintage-inspired pillows.

Nothing exudes bohemian style more than a sofa full of colorful, patterned pillows, be they vintage or just vintage-inspired. We’re loving this well-collected look from @katepearcevintage that make this inviting living room sing.

6. Pink’s your color.

Bohemians are passionate people and few colors express passion and vibrancy like bold shades of pink. We love this English living room that belongs to the sister of @ellasorangefridge, as it looks like it could spark many a stimulating conversation—as well as a lively girls’ night in.

Credit: Shawn Outley

7. Accent with black paint.

The patterns, textures, and layers in this Ohio duplex make for a beautifully bohemian room, but the addition of the black paint gives it a modern edge and a unique defining factor. Try adding wall paint in a saturated color to your living room to make your space feel like a fresh take on the bohemian look.

8. Don’t be afraid of a little mismatch.

The boho look is not always about macramé and a full-blown indoor garden—it can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. The baskets, colors, and caramel leather couch in this stylish London studio still give off a boho vibe despite it being a bit different from the version of bohemian you’re always seeing on Instagram.

Credit: Kaviya Ravi

9. Blend funky textures.

Bright colors, mismatched textures, and worldly touches make this Kentucky house a perfect example of bohemian design. By adding personal accents—souvenirs, cool vintage finds, old figurines—you’ll get an eclectic mix of decorative accents and materials that help make a place uniquely yours.

Credit: Kim White

10. Embrace natural fibers.

Boho design often features natural fibers like jute, bamboo, and rattan, and you can’t beat the larger-than-life mirrors wrapped in this material in this stunning Brooklyn apartment. Whether it’s in the form of chairs, frames, baskets, or mirrors, natural fibers are a must-have in a boho living room.

11. Utilize multiple bright colors.

A candy colored palette, as seen in a West Sussex apartment, can make the boho look feel much more fun and light-hearted. Create any combination of colors you like and complement them with other accents throughout the room. This is one style where the word “clashing” just doesn’t exist.

Credit: Kylie Fitts

12. Work in some macramé.

A wall hanging, pillows, a blanket, and even a bit of the coffee table decor in this breezy New York living room play into a macramé theme. The metal finishes and shapes of furniture give it a touch of mid-century modern, but overall, the room feels bohemian at its core.

13. Busy eclecticism is encouraged.

No matter how many colors and textures you incorporate into your interior, you can’t mess up when you’re going for the boho look. This playful Colorado home proves this point: It looks super cohesive, even with the rainbow of plants and textiles all in one room.

14. A room can be both colorful and moody.

Bohemian style is all about how you want to interpret it, and that means a room can achieve multiple personalities. In this Florida home, a moody blend of jewel tones make this living room feel a bit more subdued and relaxing rather than energetic.

15. There’s nothing wrong with a calm, cool, and collected color palette.

Yes, colored accents are typically a fixture of bohemian style, but this living room in Western Australia shows how you can stick with a minimalist palette and still get this vibe across. Here, the mix of hanging plants, floral patterns, and a natural fiber rug ground this space in boho style.

16. Shaggy textures create a cozy vibe.

Whether it’s a faux sheepskin carpet or a shag pillow, you can easily up the boho factor in any room with voluminous, soft textures, as seen in this stylish Seattle abode. Fabric choice is important and can be a big defining factor in different room styles.

17. A pop of yellow is always welcome.

A great way to embrace a boho look is to choose a statement piece and decorate around it. This Oakland renter designed around a poppy yellow couch, and although there are other colors involved in this room, many items tie back into the sofa.

18. Lean into your artsy, eclectic side.

You can’t get more boho than having a plethora of artwork scattered about your place, like in this New Orleans apartment. Whether it’s your own masterpieces or canvases you’ve picked up over the years, showcasing a collection of artwork in one place really boosts a sense of bohemian eclecticism.

19. Bring in some Moroccan flair.

Incorporating Moroccan-style lanterns in a space, similar to this Oakland abode, will gives your interior a more worldly, bohemian feel. Add a few vintage finds and some plant babies, and you’ll be good to go with a boho decor scheme.

20. Colorful textiles make any space happier.

Overall, this Los Angeles home is fairly neutral when it comes to its foundational pieces. It’s Overall, this Los Angeles home is fairly neutral when it comes to its foundational pieces. It’s the little bits of color, however, coming from the wall hanging, carpets, and textiles that give it life.

21. Go tonal.

Anything goes when it comes to boho, and the same rule applies for its palettes. Take a color cue from this Colorado home and get tonal with a particular color. Mix shades of brown, green, beige, or black for a truly boho abode.

Credit: Andrew Bui

22. Wooden accents add well-traveled texture.

Similarly to colors, mixing wood finishes is another stylistic boho touch, which can be seen this Harlem apartment. To do so, start with the color of your floor (if it’s wood) and go from there. Find complementary shades in warm and cool tones, and look for different wood finishes or pieces with different grains.

23. Lean a little industrial to modernize your space. 

A blend of bricks, fairy lights, and colorful books give this spacious downtown Los Angeles loft an ultra bohemian look. Even the most industrial and modern of spaces can be transformed into a boho-leaning paradise with the right decorative touches.

Credit: Lilly Garcia

24. Go green.

Contrasting colors can completely transform a room, as seen in this Florida home. Furnishings in shades of green paired with orange give this boho space a little bit of a funky, retro edge.

25. The more textures, the merrier.

Rattan textures, a bunch of plants, and geometric textiles have turned this North Carolina home into a bohemian escape. In most cases, the wilder a space looks, the better when it comes to achieving a boho look.

Credit: Jaime Carney

26. Find inspiration from other aesthetics you love. 

If you’re still a minimalist at heart, it’s worth analyzing the way this Massachusetts home created a simple, slightly boho-leaning living room. While the space itself is Scandinavian-inspired, the pouf, patterned carpet, plant, and cane tray give it a slight air of boho style.

27. Forgo matchy-matchy furniture.

A menagerie of patterns, colors, shapes, and materials make this California studio undeniably bohemian. The space is dripping with free-spirited elements, from its mismatched pendant lights to its different colored pillows and blankets.

Credit: Srishti Jain

28. Add a pouf (or two or three).

For an instant burst of boho, poufs and other oversized floor seating are a cozy and affordable pick. The ones scattered in this San Francisco living room, along with the plants and vintage patterned carpet, bring this Victorian down to earth—and back to boho style.

Credit: Liz Calka

29. Maximalism is for everyone.

It’s almost impossible to just focus on one aspect of this Maryland apartment. Its maximalist soul is invigorated by plenty of patterns and materials, giving it a bohemian hideaway vibe.

30. It’s all in the plants.

If you just want touches of boho without going full on rattan and macramé, plants are going to be your best friend, as proven by this New York apartment. Upping that jungle vibe is a simple but surefire path to this free-spirited style.

31. Modern bohemian harmony can exist.

While they’re technically on the opposite ends of the style spectrum, this New Orleans home shows how boho and modern can exist peacefully. Here, sleek shapes and silhouettes are adorned with colors and textures that lean more towards the bohemian.