Small Space Solutions: 7 Spots to Add a Little Extra Storage

Small Space Solutions: 7 Spots to Add a Little Extra Storage

Nancy Mitchell
Jul 31, 2016
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You may think you've maxed out the storage potential of your small apartment — but there may be some spots you aren't considering. Here are seven oft-neglected places to eke out a little extra storage.

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Above your doors
Add a shelf above the door to squeeze a little extra storage out of any room.

Behind a door
Elfa (and others) make racks that mount to the back of a door, and are great for storing smaller items.

Above the cabinets
The space above the cabinets is a great spot for kitchen items that you don't need to access particularly frequently.

Above a radiator
If your landlord will allow it, mounting a shelf (or multiple shelves) above the radiator is a great way to add a little extra storage. Just don't put things that are sensitive to heat here.

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Above another piece of furniture
Reclaim the space above a desk, dresser, or even a bed with wall-mounted shelves.

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In a corner
An unused corner is a great spot for some extra shelves, or maybe a corner hanging bar.

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Along the top of the wall
You can add a little extra storage in pretty much any space by running a shelf along the top of the wall, just a foot or so below the ceiling. You won't lose any floor space at all, and you'll gain a lot of lovely storage.

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