15 Brilliant Hat and Coat Storage Ideas If You’ve Run Out of Closet Space

updated Oct 11, 2023
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Credit: Mike Hetu

When you don’t have a dedicated coat closet or efficient hallway storage solution, your entryway can quickly devolve into a jumble of coats, hats, and shoes that you’re tripping over. If you’re working with an especially cramped corner or narrow hall instead of a proper entryway, then it can be especially difficult to squeeze in some coat storage. That’s why it pays to explore other storage options to make the most of your limited square footage.  

We’ve rounded up 15 clever ways to turn a modest entrance into an unexpectedly chic storage display for your coats and other winter essentials, no matter how much (or little) square footage you’re working with.

1. Add a hanging rack.

Perhaps it’s more than just coats and hats you’d like to store. We’ve all got those little “extras” that end up hanging around our entryway, especially when there’s no closet to be found. This slim-line system from Urban Outfitters is a great solution if you can keep it visually appealing (aka you don’t have too many belongings that will clutter it up).

2. Mount a beautiful hook rack.

Sometimes, you want something beautiful to add to your entryway, rather than worrying about tons of storage. This elegant gold hook rack from Anthropologie is an eye-catching piece that allows you to hang up a few jackets or bags when you walk through the door. This barely-there hook rack includes five hooks.

Credit: Wayfair

3. Channel a rustic look.

This top-rated tree coat from Wayfair is a fan favorite for its rustic aesthetic. It looks like a tree full of bare branches, and offers ample storage for just about any items you can think to hang. The sturdy base prevents it from falling over, even when you sling bags over it.

Credit: Minette Hand

4. DIY a mini “mudroom.”

Who says you can’t have it all, even in a small apartment or cozy cottage? Take a cue from this Boulder home and transform a hallway niche into a bonafide mudroom, complete with an inviting bench and plenty of storage on the floor and walls for all your hats, coats, scarves, and more. 

5. Add wainscoting and hooks.

Add interest and function in your entryway or wall space by installing some wainscoting, trim, and some eye-catching hooks like in this lovely cottagecore before and after.

Credit: Amazon

6. Take a cue from the runways and opt for a garment rack.

A rolling garment rack may be just the thing your household needs, as you can store it just about anywhere in the house depending on the situation and time of year. This highly-rated Amazon find features two rows for optimal hanging storage, plus a bottom shelf for storing bags and other accessories. Plus, it  comes in four different colors to fit your style preferences. 

Credit: Amazon

7. Optimize behind-the-door storage space.

Prevent clutter in your entryway and make your coats that much more accessible with a simple over-the-door hanging rack. We love this chic gold option from Amazon that features six hooks for homing all your seasonal accessories so you’ll never leave the house without them. 

Credit: @woodyoubuy

8. Install a simple shelf.

A shelf is a workable storage solution in even the smallest of spaces. We love this unfinished shelf from @woodyoubuy out of Sydney, Australia. This makes a great option if you’re looking for purse, hat and coat storage ideas and love a natural, minimalist vibe.

9. Mount some door hooks.

If you want an easy (and inexpensive) way to hang up hats and coats on your front door, then a solid hook is the way to go. All you need is a screwdriver — or a few heavy-duty adhesive hooks — and you can put up as many as you need without hurting your bank account.

10. Hang a wall-mounted rack

When it comes to hat and coat storage ideas, you really can’t go wrong with a good, old-fashioned wall-mounted rack, like this one in a small San Francisco apartment. Small but sturdy, most offer multiple hooks and cubbies for storing all your favorite hats and jackets.

11. DIY a copper hanging hat rack.

Believe it or not, one of the chicest ways to display your coats and caps is by making your own hanging rack, like this one from Collective Gen. You can craft a cool, budget-friendly alternative to a traditional coat rack with little more than copper pipe and rope.

12. Use a freestanding coat tree.

This beautifully stained coat tree by @emilysprojectlist is amazingly sturdy. She uses a center 4×4 to ensure this coat storage idea has enough space and capacity for several coats and handbags.

13. Fix up a rail-based organizer.

An equally stylish option for stashing your hats (spotted above in Sari Lehrer’s home featured on Cup of Jo) comes in the form of a rail-based organizer. Similar to standard hanging racks, rail-based rods come with sliding hooks that clip onto just about any accessory you can dream of.

Pick up some FINTORP pieces at your local IKEA (you’ll find them in the kitchen section!) or forge a similar version at home with a curtain rod and clip rings.

14. Add a slim storage organizer.

There are tons of storage organizers you can shop for, but we love this low-profile one used by @thehylandhomestead. Ample hooks on the top provide plenty of space for jackets, umbrellas, hats and scarves, while the bottom shelves stay neat with the use of baskets to corral clutter.

15. Craft a DIY dowel coat rack.

As sophisticated as they seem, dowel coat racks are surprisingly simple to make. And even though purchasing one won’t set you back, crafting your own is just as easy and more resourceful. Check out the one above from Weekday Carnival, crafted from dowels and neon twine.