Stephanie Strickland

Stephanie is a designer in the Bay Area, CA. She spends her free time attempting DIY projects in her house, documenting them on her blog, and generally making a huge mess. She is currently obsessed with concrete and green chile.
Does My House Really Smell Like That? Five Ways to Mask the Must
If you’re like me or the millions of travelers this holiday season, you likely walked into your home after several days away and became acutely aware that *gasp* your house has a smell! It’s a smell that is probably constant, yet you’ve grown so accustomed to living with it that you hardly ever notice. It might not necessarily be a bad smell, and in fact some homes are downright pleasant on the nose.
Jul 17, 2020
Cow Hollow Home Gets a Pro Makeover
Name: Broderick St. Location: Cow Hollow; San Francisco, California Size: Approximately 7580 square feet About: Remodeled in 2013. 7 bed, 7 full baths/2 half baths. My interior design firm just completed a project that I am practically drooling over. Our client gave me the ok to photograph the completed project and share it with you, so we can all drool together! The property is going for a cool $11.
Dec 19, 2019
Rena’s Global Eclectic San Francisco Apartment
Today’s tour is the second in a collaborative series curated by Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason of Aphrochic for Apartment Therapy. They handpicked homes from around the world to share that capture the culture and style that they celebrate in their book, Remix: Decorating with Culture, Objects, and Soul.
Dec 19, 2019
DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden: A Removable Cover Solution to Protect Your Plants
Planting season is upon us, so let me tell you a little story of how this garden came to be. When we bought a house last year, I failed to inquire about the summer weather, thinking it would be just as warm and clear as it was on our open house day. NOPE. Instead, I encountered summers full of chilly fog and harsh winds, much to the dismay of my aspiring green thumb.
May 4, 2019
Do or Don’t? Foil as an Electric Oven Liner
I’ve moved in and out of eight different rentals in the last nine years, which means I’ve done my fair share of post-move-out cleaning. The one task I always dread is cleaning the oven. I hate using toxic oven cleaner, yet it seems to be the only effective combatant against that hardened puddle of food crumbs, melted cheese, and pie juice from a year of careless cooking.
May 4, 2019
Reader Regrets: An IKEA Oops
Here at Apartment Therapy we’ve grown accustomed to success stories. Can-do tutorials, beautiful before/afters, and tasteful house tours are what we’re all about! Of course we all know that the business of home improvement is not all peaches and cream.
May 4, 2019
Lauren’s Eclectic San Francisco Apartment
Name: Lauren Spain Location: San Francisco, California Size: 450 square Feet Years lived in: 1 year 8 months; Rented I don’t meet a lot of people my age that really have their shit together, but Lauren is the exception that obliterates the rule. You wouldn’t know it now, but Lauren has had to redecorate her apartment TWICE. Yes, twice. Two months after moving in, her oven caught fire and ruined many of her belongings.
Feb 20, 2019
Come As You Are: How To Throw a Successful Last Minute Get-Together
I’m realizing as my friends and I get older that last-minute get-togethers are becoming not only a regular occurrence, but a staple in our lives. Gone are the years where we made a big to-do about birthdays and holidays; rather we relish the days when both good weather and free time align and we can come together to share delicious food, drinks, and conversation.
Apr 3, 2014