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15 Unexpected Gifts for Every Practical Person on Your List

published Nov 10, 2020

We all have at least one person on our holiday gift list who values practicality above all else. Regardless of whom you’re shopping for — your dad, your plus one, or even yourself — practical gifts are often the trickiest to get right. You want to find something that’s useful but unique, fun and functional.

If you’re stumped for ideas, QVC has a huge selection of gifts that feel thoughtful and festive, but are still extremely practical. Plus, with QVC EasyPay®, you can get the goods now and pay in monthly installments. With 0% interest and no hidden fees, this could be the big break your holiday shopping budget needs. And if you’re new to QVC, you can get $10 off your first purchase of $25 or more with code OFFER.

We’ve rounded up our favorite finds, some of which are exclusive to QVC, so that you don’t end up giving your brother another pair of socks this year.

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Whether or not Himalayan salt lamps will help you sleep, clean your air, or boost your mood is up for debate. We can, however, say one thing for sure: They’re really pretty and the warm glow they give off is super-soothing. This version from RevitaSpa is made from solid pink salt crystal and has a dimmer, making it great for any accent lighting scenario.

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What are earbags, you ask? They’re actually just what they sound like: cozy little fleece bags that snap snugly over your ears to keep them warm, even on the most blustery of winter days. Unlike banded earmuffs, they’ll keep your ears toasty without messing up your hair, and they can be worn with hats and helmets. How practical is that?

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If you have someone on your list who loves greenery but doesn’t have a green thumb, this faux fiddle leaf fig tree is the way to go. It comes in a weighted starter pot, which helps prevent tipping and is small enough to easily fit in a larger decorative planter.

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Kitchen knives are an essential part of any home cook’s arsenal, and this is the perfect starter set. These stainless steel knives come in a rainbow of colors to help you remember which knife is for which task. They also have matching sheaths, making them easy to store.

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Why settle for one quip toothbrush when you can have two? These electric toothbrushes make brushing your teeth so easy and enjoyable, you’ll want one for your home and one for when you travel. This set comes with regular and travel-sized toothpastes and travel cases that double as freestanding toothbrush holders (that can also stick and re-stick to your bathroom mirror).

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Coffee pods are convenient, but not exactly ideal for anyone who’s trying to be more environmentally conscious or is a coffee connoisseur who prefers to choose and grind their own beans. This single-serve coffee maker is a great alternative; it comes with a reusable basket for fresh coffee grounds, and a matching tumbler to take coffee on the go.

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Soothing, anxiety-reducing weighted blankets are an ideal gift for just about anyone this holiday season, and this one from Lucid is among the best. It has a soft cotton cover with baffle box stitching to keep glass beads in place for even weight distribution. And, unlike many other weighted blankets, it has convenient sewn-on ties on each corner so it can be used with a duvet cover.

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This is for anyone you know who’s working from home but still hasn’t upgraded their workspace to include a "real" office chair. The Bristol Task Chair is both ergonomic and stylish, and has plush velvet upholstery and a polished chrome base for a luxe feel.

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This incredible little gadget is able to clean 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your phone, keys, and other small items in about a minute. Just place your phone or other item in, press the power button, and you'll have instant peace of mind. It's also portable, and can complete up to 70 sanitation cycles per charge.

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With over half a million sold on QVC, The Comfy has a pretty epic fan base — and for good reason. It’s a plush wearable microfiber blanket that’s basically the comfiest thing ever. This would make a great gift, but you might want to add an extra one to your cart for yourself!

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Fabric shavers are great for bringing sweaters back to life by removing pill and fuzz. This one is big (and powerful) enough to be used on upholstery or woven accent pillows as well as sweaters. It comes with a power adapter but can also take batteries to make it a little more portable.

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This essential-oil diffuser for small spaces is ideal for your workspace, bedroom, or any other cozy nook that could use a wintertime pick-me-up. Bonus: It also helps humidify the air. Pair it with a bottle or two of starter essential oils for a thoughtful gift that promotes self-care.

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Possibly the most practical gift we found on QVC (at least for anyone living in a snow zone), this powerful electric snow shovel efficiently scoops up snow and throws it as far as 20 feet, making clearing a snowy sidewalk or driveway a breeze. Reviewers say it works well, even with heavy, wet snow.

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A decorative tray comes in handy for everything from tidying up coffee tables to displaying toiletries. In other words, it’s always a good idea to have one on hand. This one is made from solid mango wood and is available in white or grey with a stylish chevron inlay.

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We could all use a little extra relaxation in our lives. This handy heated massager is the solution. It’s a Shiatsu foot massager that also unzips to transform into a pillow that can be used on your neck, back, and legs.