3 Easy Ways to Create Your Happy Place at Home

published Jun 9, 2017
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(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

Every home should have a happy place. Whether it’s your reading nook, a meditation room, or a little creativity hub, you deserve a spot that’s devoted to keeping you healthy and joyful in your own home. Even if you’re renting, it’s possible to create a happy place that can move along with you and that makes your rental really feel like the home you want. Here are three stylish setups that make sure you’ve always got a happy place at home, no matter where life takes you.

1. The Reading Nook
Sometimes all you need in life is a good book, some hot tea, and a comfy place to curl up. This reading nook is a dreamy little place with floor pillows, plants, and a small library of your favorite reads. You can easily create it with an area rug (go for an affordable, low-traffic option like cotton or sisal), floor pillows and a side table.

(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

We love the idea of using this setup to add a casual hangout nook in the corner of a living room or studio. Getting floor pillows instead of a sofa or chairs gives you lots of flexibility for different layouts.

(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

2. The In-Home Cafe
Whether you live alone or with another person, meals can be a special, happy time when you can carve out a dedicated place to eat. If you wait until you have an actual “dining room,” you could be waiting an awfully long time. You don’t need a big table to make meals an event. A simple bistro table – or even a deep shelf with stools pulled up to it – can be your spot for your morning coffee and crossword, a candlelit dinner, and even paying bills or making that family phone call you’ve been meaning to make. Fresh flowers are an added bonus.

(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)
(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

3. The Creative Hub
You don’t need much to create a home office area in your bedroom or living room. A chair, a desk, a cork board. It’s pretty simple, really, but having your own little creative nook at home can be a big deal. Also a simple clothesline with clothespins is both a decorative and functional way to pin up more ideas or inspiration.

(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

When you’re moving, it’s easy to pack everything into the desk drawers, secure them with masking or painter’s tape (not packing or duct tape — it will leave a mark!) and take your creative hub to-go.

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