3 Little Storage Boosters That Add Up to Big Space Savings

published Aug 23, 2017
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(Image credit: Jessie Ford)

Every little bit counts…especially when it comes to kitchens with limited storage space. Some people take it to the extreme with hacks like turning their oven into a bookshelf or storing sweaters in cutlery drawers. Creative as they may be, there are a few less extreme options you may not have thought of yet, that together add up to significant space savings.

1. Maximize cabinet space with stackable shelves.

Open your cabinets and take a look. Chances are, your dishes and mugs have too much “headspace” in some of your cabinets. To utilize that unused vertical space, buy a few stackable shelves to make up the difference; you could potentially double your cabinet space if you’ve been stacking in shallow stacks up until now. This is an especially great trick if you have uniquely shaped mugs or drinking glasses that don’t stack neatly into one another.

(Image credit: Jessie Ford)

2. Tame under-the-sink clutter using a tension rod to hold spray bottles.

Don’t you love it when solutions are both simple and genius? Spray bottles hang very nicely by their handles, since the tank acts as a perfect counter-balance. Buy a tension rod and mount it under the sink to create the perfect place to hang all your spray bottles within easy reach. This will free up space below for other cleaning essentials like sponges, brushes, and garbage bags.

(Image credit: Jessie Ford)

3. Stop giving up pantry space to water bottles.

Wasting precious pantry space on bottled water is a huge no-no. Switching to a water filter lets you replace all those bottles with just one pitcher in your fridge. And it’s not just space you’re saving! Making the switch will also save money, the environment, and your back (if you regularly lug bottles of water up flights of stairs!). Brita’s new Stream Pitchers filter water as you pour, so there’s no wait for tap water to drip through a filter and into a reservoir before you can use it. It dispenses great tasting water when you want it, so you can quickly fill reusable bottles on demand and forget about buying and storing tons of bottled water.

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