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Three Show-Stopping Before and Afters That Wow with Color

published Apr 20, 2022
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Credit: KILZ®

A new coat of paint is one of the most stunning and, usually, longest-lasting ways to revamp a room. So to make sure your wonderful paint job stands the test of time, stains, and sun exposure — and to make sure that paint color you spent hours picking out looks picture-perfect on your walls — take a tip from the pros. Remember your primer!

Even first-time painters can achieve professional-looking results when they apply a coat of primer before beginning to paint. It’s worth noting that not all primers are exactly the same, so choosing the right one for your project is important. There is a KILZ® Primer for most situations, and they’re all designed to protect your beautiful paintwork for years to come.

See these three transformative before and afters that used KILZ primer, and learn which primer is right for your next paint project.

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Color Correction for a Dramatic Office

For the first DIY, the goal was to transform a dated sitting room into a modern office. The painters used KILZ Restoration® Primer to cover up discolored walls and tackle stains created by sun damage and aging. Properly preparing the surface resulted in richer, truer color (and fewer coats of paint). Plus, the primed walls will be more resistant to all kinds of wear and tear.

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Credit: KILZ®, KILZ®

Out-of-the-Blue Living Room Refresh

Primer and paint can transform rustic-looking brick fireplaces into clean, contemporary centerpieces. Here, KILZ 3® Premium Interior and Exterior Primer was the hassle-free way to create an even surface on top of craggy bricks, making it easy (and actually pleasant!) to paint over. The same primer also prepares wooden trim or baseboards for a color refresh. Meanwhile, the beige walls got a coat of KILZ 2® All-Purpose Primer to make sure their new navy makes a bold impression.

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Credit: KILZ®, KILZ®

A Chic Bathroom Made to Last

If there’s a single space that makes the case for using primer, it’s the bathroom. Because of the high-humidity in bathrooms, paint is especially susceptible to peeling and flaking. Or worse — spots of mold! For a high quality finish and reliable protection against unwanted wall growths prior to painting, the DIYers turned to KILZ® Mold & Mildew Primer for the walls and cabinets. Because a brand new paint job always deserves to look its best.