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3 Ways You Can Get Your Home Ready for Spring Right Now

updated Jun 21, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Prop Stylist: Margaret Ward

When those first beams of springtime sunlight pour through the windows, our homes start to sparkle with possibility. (And a little dust. But mostly possibility.) Suddenly, we’re energized to jump into all the projects and DIYs that we’ve been daydreaming about. After the snowy days of winter, it’s finally time to change things up, get outside, and make this the best, brightest, most fun-in-the-sun spring yet.

We’re kicking off this super-charged season with two uplifting and affordable projects for inside and out, plus some next-level family fun. And they all start with a trip to Walmart, where it’s easy to save on seasonally fresh styles and must-have supplies. Whatever home project you have your eye on, Walmart has what you need to get started, plus fast and easy pickup and delivery!

We’ve got even more ideas for making this the best spring ever. Find them here.

Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Prop Stylist: Margaret Ward

1. Wake Up Your Wall

There’s a reason we associate springtime with pastels: After months of gray, it’s time for some color! An accent wall is a simple way to give your home a pop of brightness without changing your whole decor scheme. It’s also the ideal weekend DIY. Start with a cheerful hue like Sage Pond by KILZ, which goes on smooth with saturated color. Then add a splash of pattern with peel-and-stick wallpaper: We love this Better Homes & Gardens floral design and this abstract mountain motif by Drew Barrymore Flower Home. Either will brighten your wall (and your mood).

Any DIY is way easier when you’ve got the right tools, so pick up a quality set of paint trays and brushes, as well as extra drop cloths and clean-release painter’s tape to keep those edges sharp. When you’ve finished the wall (nice work!), grab your tool kit to start hanging your favorite art. This Hyper Tough set gets you squared away with a cordless drill and all your essentials, or just go for a powerful electric drill upgrade. Don’t forget a level for picture-perfect placement.

Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Prop Stylist: Margaret Ward

2. Plant Your Best Garden Ever

Does anything signal spring like a fresh packet of seeds? Grab a few of your favorites — like Honeycomb tomatoes and enough herbs for all your al fresco feasts — plus some quality garden soil to grow them in. Plant them directly in the ground, or give them a head start in biodegradable peat pots, which break down in the soil as the plants grow. Mix in some strawberry and begonia seedlings to add instant greenery to your garden plot. (Bonus: Petunias repel pests, like aphids and tomato worms, that want to snack on your hard work!) Arber Plant Food will give everything a nutritious boost.

And of course, buying tools is half the fun of gardening! We’re obsessed with all things shibori, and that goes double for these chic work gloves and matching cultivator, trowel, and pruner set. (For serious jobs, grab a pair of Hyper Tough gloves, too.) Trust us when we tell you to invest in a good hose: This flexible one by Expert Gardener uses a Comfort Grip connector for easy attaching and detaching.

Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Prop Stylist: Margaret Ward

3. Get the Whole Family Outside

There’s no age limit on playing outside! Get everyone in on the action, whatever their game of choice. A bright green soccer ball will keep the game going into evening. This Velcro-like catch set makes hanging onto the ball easy for little hands. And foam axe tossing is sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side. Your little artists can create patio masterpieces with a rainbow of solid and tie-dyed sidewalk chalk. And everyone — we repeat: everyone — loves bubbles, especially when they come spinning out of a cool battery-powered bubble blower.

If you have a pool, even just an inflatable one, a snorkel set will make dips underwater more exciting. Water balloons let you continue the aquatic fun above ground, and a sunset striped rug helps dry off feet before they head inside. Whatever outdoor fun you’re having, don’t forget the sunscreen. And when everyone’s ready for some food to refuel, vegetarian “cheeseburger” French bread pizza is an easy, satisfying lunch or dinner.