4 Strategies to Perfect Your Rug Game

published Jan 11, 2017
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Whether you’re working with a huge living room or the nook of a studio, choosing the right way to situate your rug and your furniture can be tricky: too close and everything looks cramped; too spread out and the whole rhythm of the room is off. There are several strategies you can use to create a happy relationship between rug and sofa. Find the one that makes the most sense for your space and collection for a comfortable rug-to-sofa ratio.

  • Call it the sofa hokey pokey: Put your front legs in—on the rug, that is—and your back legs out to connect various types of furniture and create a pleasing sense of proportion. In the photo above, Value City Furniture’s Adrian Graphite Sofa anchors the rug and floor cushions to make a cohesive seating set-up.
(Image credit: American Signature Inc.)
  • If you’re working with several larger pieces of furniture—like the Value City Furniture Brittney collection here—keeping some front legs on the rug and others off makes the scene cozy but not crowded.
(Image credit: American Signature Inc.)
  • Full house of furniture pieces? A rug big enough for everything can nicely outline the seating area and keep convos intimate. (We love the cozy-yet-sprawling effect of the bright Soho Collection against this tactile white rug.) Just remember to figure out your measurements first to pick the right size rug.
(Image credit: American Signature Inc.)
  • Keep all furniture legs off the rug to let your space breathe a bit. Clean-lined furniture, like the Jules pieces here, are great for such an arrangement. Bonus: Your taste for statement patterns will seriously shine.

Once you settle on a strategy for your space, it’s all about the fun part: filling it.

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