5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Space

published Jun 19, 2018
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(Image credit: Made By Carli)

Have you ever looked at a photo of a perfectly styled room and thought, Looks great, but I’d like to see you try that in my apartment? Small spaces can present big challenges, but they’re easier to solve than you think. Here are five ways to maximize your square footage in style.

1. Use proportional furniture

You live in an apartment, not a dollhouse: Choose furniture that’s proportional to the space instead of just grabbing all the smallest pieces you can find. The Raymour & Flanigan Cameron sofa pictured above is a great example: It has a slim, tight shape inspired by mid-century design and offers plenty of seating without bulk.

(Image credit: Made By Carli)

2. Make your furniture multitask

Small rooms need style that serves a purpose. Look for ottomans, kitchen islands, and even beds that double as storage. The Lorimer bookshelf, similar to the one pictured above, is another stylish storage move. (Bonus: Secret compartments make you feel like you live in a spy movie.)

(Image credit: Made By Carli)

3. Use the walls

Sure, hang your favorite art—but also treat those four walls like the vertical square footage they are. Use shelves, hooks, and hanging baskets to corral what would otherwise take up more coveted real estate, from coats to kids’ toys.

4. Pay attention to arms and legs

In larger spaces, we might only think about the aesthetic appeal of chair arms or sofa legs, but those features aren’t just for looks. In a smaller space, consider armless chairs, which have a slimmer profile. “Leggy” large pieces, like sofas with visible legs, add height (read: even more storage!) and relieve the room of visual weight.

(Image credit: Made By Carli)

5. Keep a tight color palette

A rainbow of different hues can make a small place look, well, a little crazy. If you lean into neutrals and light accent tones, cramped quarters will feel light and airy. (But, of course, if you’re a card-carrying maximalist with a penchant for magenta, you do you).

Ready to make your small space shine? Raymour & Flanigan offers functional furniture solutions for every style, every budget. Bonus: The company also offers three-day white glove delivery seven days a week. Check out this video for even more space-saving advice:

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