5 Weekday Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Your Weekend

published Sep 24, 2018

The first sign you’re back in the fall grind is that weekends become a much more precious commodity than you remember them being. Despite the returned chaos, there are a few little tasks you can do during the week that will keep the weekend chore list shorter. Each takes less than five minutes; none requires any special tools.

1. Make Your Microwave a Sponge Sauna

We all want to be the person who wipes off soup splatters right after they happen, but who among us is? Fortunately, there’s a simple little trick to clean microwave messes that have been building for a day or two. Zap a damp sponge on high for two minutes. That will create steam that loosens up the grime to make it easier to wipe off. Note: The sponge will be hot—that happens when you microwave things—so handle with care or just use a cold one.

2. Maximize Your Mop

Ever notice that the industrial mops used by restaurants are way bigger than the one you have at home? Most home mops are designed for easy storage, but sacrifice efficiency for slim design. Libman’s Tornado Mop combines the best of both worlds, with an industrial-sized mop head attached to a slim design. It covers 50 percent more surface area than a normal design, which turns a typical weekend chore into a weeknight touch-up.

3. Mitt-igate Your Dust Problem

Don’t toss out your orphaned socks. Wear them on your hand to dust blinds, plants, and baseboards, and then toss them into the wash again when you’re done. Your little sock puppet helper will save a surprising amount of time for those hard-to-dust areas. If you miraculously find yourself without lonely socks after doing laundry, use a microfinger mitt to pick up even more dust. And no, we’re not apologizing for “mitt-igate.”

4. Wax Down Your Faucets

Everyone enjoys a sparkly faucet…for the two seconds it stays that way. If you want your sparkle to last a little longer, get your faucet clean and dry. Then rub it with a sheet of wax paper to create a seal that’ll make water bead up and roll off as if it’s wearing an invisible raincoat.

5. Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

Yep, good old rubber gloves can do way more than prevent wrinkly sink hands. Use them to remove pet hair from furniture, rugs, or clothing. There’s no real trick here, just slip on a glove and rub over whatever you want de-fuzzed. The rubber does a surprisingly good job of attracting hair, and you can simply rinse it to remove.

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