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How a Book Reviewer Builds Quality “Me-Time” into Every Workday

published Dec 16, 2020
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Credit: Courtesy of Regan Perusse

While this year certainly has its challenges, here’s a silver lining: People across the country now working at home have saved an average of 54 minutes on their daily commute. That’s nearly an hour saved each day from the grind of gridlock. Before you pile another meeting or errand on your schedule, consider this: What if you used those 54 minutes just for you?

We love a good sheet mask as much as the next person, but don’t be afraid to think bigger. A quiet moment to unwind, time to devote to a creative passion, or even just a chance to get organized can all be superb self-care. We wanted some expert inspiration, so we partnered with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® to ask some of our favorite influencers to take the 54-Minute Challenge and show us how they maximize their “me” time.

Brooklyn-based Regan Perusse reviews and recommends books on Instagram at @peruseproject and on her YouTube channel PeruseProject. Her many fans follow along for her sparkling literary commentary as well as her authentic conscious consumerism.

While Regan used to read during her long, crowded subway commute, these reclaimed 54 minutes have allowed her to start the workday on her own peaceful terms. “My commute was long. I’d sleep as long as possible, jump on the subway [and] read, stuffed like a sardine,” she says. “Now, I wake up on my own time. I actually give myself the time to face the day and not feel so go go go.” Every bookworm needs a sidekick, which is why Regan loves to start out her mornings with her pug, Matilda. “Being able to be home and hang out with her more has been a bonus.”

Credit: Courtesy of Regan Perusse

These days, Regan begins her day by brewing a fresh cup of local coffee, cracking open a new book in her plant-filled apartment, and lighting a Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Soy Candle. In her words, they “help create a calm and peaceful environment — the perfect vibe to have a relaxing morning! Their scent range is fantastic, they are such an easy and wonderful way to add a little joy and calm to your day.”

Credit: Courtesy of Regan Perusse

Regan has found that, in addition to enjoying cozy comforts and garden-inspired scents, the 54-minute Project also has produced longer-lasting benefits. “What I’ve gained is serenity,” she says. “I’m listening to my internal rhythm.” The slower pace hasn’t stopped her from reaching new heights, though. She’s been able to carve even more time for her favorite pastime, passing 75 books read this year — a personal record. “I’ve been able to make more time to pursue that passion, without feeling like I’m sneaking it in.”

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