6 Accessories That Will Take Any Space to the Next Level

published Oct 9, 2018
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We all have that one friend: the one whose home, whether on Instagram or in person, always looks FLAWLESS. You’ve admired that friend. You’ve envied that friend. But we know the secret to being that friend: accessories. They’re the little pieces that warm up the room with personality, making it feel lived in and complete.

Things like pillows, lamps, and art do for a room what jewelry, shoes, or a jaunty scarf do for an outfit: They capture the eye, show off your personality, and take everything to the next level. Here are a few important pieces to look for—and a few favorite examples from Industry West, makers of gorgeous modern furniture.

(Image credit: Industry West)


The right pillows can make an ugly sofa look tolerable and a good-looking sofa look amazing. This Confect Cushion is made from striped velvet—what could be more luxurious? It’s like something from the home of an exceedingly hip grandma. It comes in two different colorways, but this pale pink and chestnut brown combo has really won our hearts.

If velvet stripes seem like a bit too much to you, this Sema Cushion, with its understated geometric print, feels both stylish and timeless.

(Image credit: Industry West)


Lighting doesn’t just, you know, help you see: It’s also a great way to make a style statement. The right lighting makes a room look pulled together, like you’re a decorator who really knows their stuff. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’re huge fans of this Pole Articulate Sconce, which looks like a million bucks but only costs $135.

If you do have a little extra cash to spend on lighting, allow us to suggest this La Volière Suspension Lamp, a huge favorite of Apartment Therapy staffers for its beautiful, unique design. It’s guaranteed to make your home memorable, and something not quite like anyone else’s. It’s also available as a table lamp, and in a few different sizes. You can see the full line here.

(Image credit: Industry West)


For years, trays have been one of our favorite resources for clutter-busting. A bunch of stuff on a tabletop or desk looks like a mess. A bunch of stuff on a tabletop or desk in a tray looks like a lovingly crafted vignette. We’re a little obsessed with this Toppu Tray, which looks great on its own and will look even better with your stuff in it.

Prefer a more understated catchall? This Yoko Tray, with its graceful oval-shaped scoop, would look beautiful on a desktop or in an entryway.

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Mirrors are great for small spaces: They’re art, but they also make the room look bigger! It’s a win-win. We love this Limbourgh Round Mirror for its unexpected finish and luxurious, modern quality.

This Cantone Wall Mirror looks great, reflects light to make a space look bigger, and it has shelves for extra storage! Pretty sure that’s a win-win-win.

(Image credit: Industry West)


When was the last time you saw a hook and thought, Wow, that’s a really beautiful hook? Probably never. But we love hooks because they are storage superstars: You can use them to hang practically anything on the wall, creating storage you didn’t even know you had. And Industry West offers a few different examples of hooks so beautiful they practically qualify as art. This Leather Hook has the quality craftsmanship and beautiful detailing of a high-end handbag.

This Scoreboard Hanger is beautiful to look at; it’s also adjustable, so you can customize whatever you need to hang at a given time. It’s available in a variety of sizes, too, so you can hang two coats or 20.

(Image credit: Industry West)


No matter how wonderful your art is, it needs the right frame to reach its full potential. We love the huge impact large-scale art can have on a room, but not the huge impact giant frames can have on your bank account. These Stiicks Frames provide an elegant way to display larger pieces, without breaking the bank. Have a beloved poster from college? Hang it up with these guys so it fits perfectly into your adult house.

Check out the rest of Industry West’s accessory collection to find the perfect piece to take your home to the next level.

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